Sunday, June 13, 2010

"You`re changing missions?!" "Yeah!" "No way!" "YES WAY!!!"


I`m freaking out today because today I leave my area on a trip to Sololà and then to Quetzaltenango where I will receive instructions about how the future of my mission and my life is going to change!

E. Douglas - "Good morning Elder Tucker, how are you this morning?"

Me - "I`m doing great Elder Douglas, how about you? Hey, do you have any news for me?"

E. Douglas - "Actually, yes I do Elder Tucker. Elder Tucker, you and your companion and 8 other missionaries have been selected by inspiration and careful consideration to assist in the opening and furthering of the Lord`s work in the new Guatemala, Retalhuleu Mission!

"Me - (inside my head) " YESSSSSSS!!!!!" =D

Here`s what`s going to happen to me, as far as I know. As of tomorrow, Friday, June 11th, 2010, I no longer pertain to the Guatemala City Central Mission. Today, my whole district of 6 missionaries, and the district of Patulul of 4 missionaries, will gather at my house to make a good Latin lunch, and then we will take our scriptures, our backpacks, and clothes for 2 days, and then travel by bus to the Capital. We will sleep in the mission`s bunk house over night, and in the morning we will all leave (with the rest of the Central Mission missionaries that will be going to Quetzaltenango Mission) in route to the city of Sololà. Once there in Sololà, we will participate in a so-called "reuniòn de despedida" and receive more instructions on what is going to happen to us, our area, and our investigators with the changes to the other two missions. Friday night, supposedly, they are going to put us all in a hotel for the night, and then the next day we will meet with Presidente Lorenzana, the Quetzaltenango Mission President, and he will give us all the training and information that we need to smoothly make the transition to the new mission.

I am SO excited that the Lord has seen fit to give me this opportunity to leave behind challenges that I`ve already overcome, and face a whole new part of this beautiful country of Guatemala full of the NEW challenges of being part of the beginning of a brand new Mission in the Work of the Lord. My hopes and dreams have been completed with respect to the course I wanted my mission to take, and I see before me the ability and the opportunity to leave behind a Legacy for the missionaries that come after me and my own children that will want to know whether or not serving the Lord is worth the effort and time. My answer to their question will be a resounding "YES!" because I have been able to bless my family, myself, and people that I never knew (and probably would never have met) before I had this beautiful experience.

Okay, so this involves a couple changes in OUR plans. What I have heard is that the new mission will follow the change cycle of the Quetzaltenango Mission, which is three weeks different from the Central Mission. This means that I may return to my area for just three weeks more with my companion, and then receive changes to fulfill any number of different responsibilities in the new mission. This also means that it`s possible that the new Mission President, Presidente Maravilla, will offer to either extend or cut short my mission by at least three weeks. I want my family to know that I will NOT accept an extension. If they offer to cut my mission a little shorter, while still allowing me to come home with full honors, I will take that option. Therefor, if they cut my mission by three weeks, my new Homecoming date will be for the 15th of March, 2011. Exciting huh? That means that, once the normal change cycle starts in Retalhuleu Mission, I will only have 6 changes left until I come home. Possibly just two areas and a couple companions more, and then I`m home! I`m so excited for the possibilities that face me for the last couple months on my mission, and I`m sure my family is too. I miss you and love you terribly. It physical hurts, still being far away from you, but every day brings me close to coming home with honor in my arms and blessings for our future. =) Please continue to pray for me, that the Lord with protect me and guide me, that I will know what to do and what to say at all times and in all places to finish my mission as a "Special Witness of Christ."

I do not know when I will get to email again, so for now, please be patient to hear more news. I love you!

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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