Sunday, June 13, 2010

Email - Received Monday, June 7, 2010

Hey Family!

I love you!

Okay, so this week I got three emails from the people I love most in the world, and they all were full of wonderful news and beautiful encouragement. Thank you! I needed that, as always, but mostly it was just a HUGE "upper" for me today to hear you all being happy, busy, and productive. Oh, and Loving, did I mention you were all very loving this week? Yeah, that was awesome. However, I`m not going to rant and rave about your emails today, Dad says I`ve gotta answer questions. =P

First of all, I`ve gotta explain something, and I`m going to try to be as brief and clear as I can be. Everyone...I might be changing missions soon! I might become part of a new Guatemalan mission called Retalhuleu, or I might be transferred to the Quetzaltenango mission. The Guatemala City Central Mission is giving up 43 missionaries to help form the new Guatemalan mission Retalhuleu. Ten missionaries will go to the new mission, and 33 will go to the Quetzaltenango mission that has been around for a LONG time. I`m so excited for the new opportunities that this possibility represents for me. I would be in a new mission as one of the first missionaries to serve there, with a new Mission President, and with a whole range of new challenges and positions to fill. I really hope that I change missions. Not because I don`t like MY mission, but just because of all the awesome stories that I would be able to tell I if I were to serve in TWO different missions with two completely distinct groups of missionaries. Anyways, I wont know exactly what`s going to happen to me until Saturday. They`ll tell us on Wednesday if we change missions, but I wont know until Saturday exactly WHERE I`m going and WHAT I`ll be doing there. It should be extremely interesting! Pray for me to have my dreams come true! hahaha!

Oh, also, what this means...If I`m going to change missions...I`ll probably leave my area behind and be assigned somewhere else with a new companion and new don`t focus your thoughts and prayers too much on Nueva Concepcion right now...just that I`ll be guided and protected where ever I get sent in the coming days. Thanks!

Okay this last week was not eventful at all because there wasn`t really anything out of the normal routine to do. We gave a lot of service, and taught a few good lessons, but that`s about it. On Saturday, our branch basically restarted their Mutual program and we had a great turn-out. About 15 people showed up, of all ages, and everyone had a good time and were spiritually uplifted. Our class was small this week, but many people came to church. Our attendance was about 60, but a lot of them went to their normal classes because they didn`t know that we were going to have a class yesterday. After the second hour, we gathered the Priesthood and Relief Society classes together and had a big class to explain the programs we are trying to reinstate and the changes that might come to the area. I`m a little worried that la Nueva Concepcion might get left without missionaries for a while, so we prepared and instructed the members on their coming responsibilities. If the missionaries leave, they will be on their own and they will HAVE to do their visits in order to keep the branch on it`s path to growing strength. I`m worried, but I know that the Lord will guide and protect the branch, its members, and its leaders if they are listening to the Spirit.

DANG it...I`ve already run out of time...I have no idea where the time went today...but maybe, due to the changes I`ll be facing soon, I`ll get to email you all again later this week. We`ll see. I love you all! Keep praying for us, we need your help always.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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