Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Suprise! Suprise!

Hey Mom, Dad!

I`m emailing really quick today to get you my new mission address. You`ll notice something weird though...the mission address is in Quetzaltenango... hahahaha Yeah, that`s the Surprise!!! Instead of keeping my original calling change to the new mission of Mission Guatemala Retalhuleu, I`m being changed AGAIN to the Mission Guatemala Quetzaltenango!

When i had my personal interview with President Lorenzana, Mission President of the Quetzaltenago Mission, I asked him if he had had a hard time assigning me when he received the large group of missionaries to assign from the Central Mission. He said that he has actually not asked the Lord specifically about MY assignment. I asked him if he would please ask the Lord, on my behalf, where I actually belong. I didn`t want to lose the connection and comfortable feeling that I felt as soon as I met President Lorenzana and his Quetzaltenango missionaries. I wanted to know for sure if I was supposed to belong to the NEW mission, or if I was supposed to belong to the long-established Quetzaltenango Mission.

Well, yesterday I had the opportunity after a Zone Leader`s Council to have a short interview with President. I asked him what the Lord had to say about my case. He asked me what I had felt in the last few days, and I told him. He then said, "the Lord feels as you feel. You`re coming with me to the Xela Mission (sometimes the Quetzaltenango Mission i called "Xela", pronounced "Shayla", because that`s the indigenous name for that city), and you`ll finish you mission with me."

So yeah! The surprise is that my mission calling has changed...yet AGAIN! I will now serve in the Mission Guatemala Quetzaltenango for the rest of my time and will be coming home on the 15th of March, 2011.

My new mission address is:

Elder Preston William Tucker
Misiòn Guatemala Quetzaltenango
5a. Calle 14-35, Zona 3 Oficina 105
Apartado Postal 206
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala C.A.

Alright, well that`s all I have time to write today. I`ll write you more about the changes I`m going to receive when I get Internet time next Monday. I love you all and hope that this week the Lord answers my constant prayers and helps you in your individual challenges and triumphs!

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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