Monday, August 31, 2009

Email - Received Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey Family! =)

So I don`t have a ton of news, but what I do have is all good. I`m going to love this change. Elder Child and I are already becoming really good friends. It`s great to finally have a companion that I can truly communicate with. It`s interesting that talking in English all the time isn`t really effecting my Spanish much, although I`m noticing that my understanding depends a lot on my getting used to the different accents and manners of speech of all the members and people we visit. We had a rather successfull week doing what we call ¨depositing¨, which basically just means having a lot of lessons with members and new converts trying to deposit trust in an emotional bank account with them, so that later, when we invite them to participate in the work, they will have a lot of trust and confidence in us as missionaries. I already feel very at home with the new ward and the members were all very welcoming to me. It`s always kinda funny to me trying to explain the pronunciation of my name to Latins. They can't make the ¨uh¨ sound very well, so I always explain my name as Elder Tooker instead. It`s a lot easier and really it`s not my name that matters for these two years. I`ve found here in La Sonora that we dont have a lot of new investigators to teach because a whole bunch just got baptized in the last few changes. It`s a cycle that likes to repeat itself in the mission: lots of people to teach...then baptisms...then not many people to teach...then it starts over again when the missionaries get into gear and find new people to teach. =) We`re very positive that we`re going to have a lot of success and we`re hoping we have at least two changes together so that we can make a lot of awesome things happen here in our area. Just please, pray and fast for the purpose of our success in finding new people to teach. That`s really general, I know, but it`s what we need right now. I have faith that your prayers and efforts on our behalf will help us tremendously, so keep them coming. =)

As for cooking, this week I`ve tried a few packages of soup, some beans, tuna fish sandwhiches (yes, Grandma Welling, I`m absolutely loving them and they really are wonderful to survive on in the mission =P), and the occassional invite from a member to eat with them. I`m doing well, I feel well, and of course, the multivitamins are really helping me out a lot! (THANKS MOM! =P) I have regular cereal for breakfast and I`m not really lacking anything in the food department at all. I have noticed that buying and cooking our own food ends up being more expensive in the long run, but that`s okay because I`ve commited myself not to spend my money needlessly like a lot of other Elders do. They always end up with nothing at the end of the month, whereas (even with having a very expensive first week here in La Sonora) I still was able to have more than 400 Quetzals left over at the end of August. =) It`s okay Dad, you can be proud of your son The Saver. =D haha No, but seriously, I`m doing great, pretty much on all fronts right now. My point of view is changing, the things I talk about are changing too, my whole person is changing into the missionary that I want to be. I know that I still have a little over a year and a half to serve left, but I`m committed to loving every change and doing the best I can to help my companions and the Lord do our work here in Guatemala City Central Mission. =)

Okay, well I got an email from Josh last week and didn`t have time to return his letter, so I`m going to do that now. I want you all to know that I still think about you all day every day. I use you as examples in my lessons, as helpful suggestions for my investigators, and as comfort for those that are passing through trials. Thank you all for your examples that you continually show to me and these, your brothers and sisters in Guatemala. Keep up the excellent work and I will write again next week. =)

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Email - Received Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dear Family and Beloved Friends,

I know you all are really interested to hear about what happened with the changes this week, so I`m not going to disappoint. I`ll tell you all about it in this letter, but first I wanted to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, and support. I don't think you all, or even I, will be able to fully comprehend the magnitude of what your thoughts and prayers do for me in the mission. Just knowing that my family and friends are supporting me every step of the way and that your prayers are always with me is a comfort beyond description. I`ve met a lot of missionaries (too many in my opinion =/) that have little or no support from home, and I`ve seen and know the difference it makes when that support is present. I can't imagine how I would feel or work without your support, so eternal thanks I send to you all, with love, from me. =) And just to soothe a lot of irritated (yeah, i know that was an overstatement Dad ;P) people about me sending pictures, I plan on writing a few letters back to the States this week, and my memory card will be included on the one I send to my family. It`s got just a little more than 200 pictures on it, ready for your viewing pleasure, so I hope you all will be more than a little satisfied when it gets home. =) I AM very sorry that I haven`t been very good about sending those cards home, but with a new change comes a new opportunity to develope a new routine too. I hope to improve my studies, my letter writing, and my picture sending drastically from here on out. So dont worry, be happy! =D

Okay, so about these changes...I know you all must be dying to hear what happened to me...And that`s good because I`m dying to tell you. I had a lot of things going FOR me in this change, so everything I have to say is wonderful! I was moved to a new area (my second) and I also received a new companion (my third in the field). My area is in the Amatitlan Zone, it`s called La Sonora, and it`s still really close to the capital, although it is still classified as a mountain zone...I think. In fact, I can almost see my old area from where we live, which is really cool for me. =) It was tough to leave my old area in Promision because of the deep, spiritual relationships I had the opportunity to develope with a large portion of our ward members and many new converts. I will always remember what good times and trials we helped each other through, and I know that I will want to visit that area again someday. I would love for you, Mom, Dad, and Hope, to meet those people who had such a large impact on me and took care of me while the Lord took care of them. =) They all would love to meet my family, so you have that to look forward to! Now, about my companion. Elder Rodriguez left to return to his house in El Salvador yesterday and I imagine that he is very happy to be home. However, this is not what is important to me now. My new companion is a North American from Bountidul, Utah, named Elder Child. =) He is almost 21 years old, and has about 18 months so far in the mission. He is also our District Leader, which will be awesome because I`ll have the opportunity to learn how to be a leader in the mission a lot better by his example. Everything that I`ve heard about Elder Child from other missionaries is wonderful and I have a strong feeling that I`m going to really enjoy this change with him. =) He is obedient, well-spoken, has awesome spanish, and teaches with power and authority. We are going to work very well and very hard together, I already know this to be true. After hearing about my last change, I`m sure all of you understand how excited I am for the opportunities that I will have in this change, and how grateful I am for the confidence that the Lord has shown me by blessing me in so many wonderful ways. I`ve only been with Elder Child for two days, but we`ve already taught 6 lessons and found a new, small family to teach. We`ve also already given a bit of service, and might have new teaching opportunities from that experience too. =P The members and recent converts that I`ve met in my new area so far are excellent, and support the missionary work whole-heartedly. I`m happy that my family can identify with that, as you all are praying, writing, and supporting the missionary effort through me as well. I do urge you all, though, that if you have missionaries assigned to your wards, to do everything you can to help them. Give them suggestions of friends that they can teach, people who might be ready to accept the Gospel. The best work in all the mission is done through the members of the Church. As Latter-Day Saints, you all have an opportunity and responsibility to help the Lord advance his work, so please, support your OWN missionaries too, not just me. Sound like a good deal? I hope so. =D

We live in a small, two-floor house in a nice colony named San Miguel, but the coolest thing is that we live with two other latin elders, both named Elder Lopez. It`ll be great to live and work with these two other elders and to share our experiences and give advise when it is needed. We dont have a regular cook, and we are on our own for breakfast and dinner. I`m trying a bunch of soups, and some local common dishes, so that I can learn to cook them and not starve in the process. (haha, Preston...starve? Oh please... =P) We DO, however, have certain members that cook lunch for us and certain days, and the food that we`ve had so far is really good. Not extremely filling, but still really cool.

Okay, so my computer just yelled at me that I only have five minutes left, so I`m gunna wrap it up. Sorry I didn`t have a lot of time to email today, I had a lot of notices from the mission and letters from my old area to read too. Next week you all will get more information, but I hope you are satisfied and happy with how my changes went. Please know that my only feelings about this change are wonderful. I`m so excited to keep working, in a new and improved way than before. Keep praying for me and I know your prayers will bless others that I will encounter in my path. Yes, I will ¨Enjoy¨ my mission, I`m dedicated to not just ¨Complete¨ it now. My outlook has changed, and I`m sure you all will see those changes very apparently in the next letters that I write. Okay, well, for now know that more letters and pictures will bve on their way soon, I love you to eternity and back, and I wish you the best of everything.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Email - Received Monday, August 17, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Just like last week, I´m not sure where to start in this letter. Today my feelings are so completely mixed that I´m not even sure WHAT I feel. I know that in regards to the amount of work my companion and I did this week, it was the worst week I´ve ever had in my mission. We were only able to teach 4 lessons...the ENTIRE week. Everything fell through. My companion ends his mission in a week, and I feel like I haven´t had a Senior Companion for almost the entire change. I´m trying to keep up with my study and exercise goals, but when we´re not meeting our work goals (however low they may be) it´s so hard to complete anything else. I don't mean to complain or whine, because I still feel very privileged to be part of the Lord´s work, but this week has got me down. I just feel I´m not using the Lord´s time I have something to really repent for...I dont know what to do to make this week better before changes next Monday. I´m going to study hard today and tomorrow, looking for my answers with a prayer in my heart, and I hope I find what I´m looking for. I just hope that my informing you all of this doesn´t lower your spirits. Know that I am still able to develop my testimony of the Gospel, I still really enjoy my studies, and I´m still enjoying being a missionary. There just isn´t much to show for all those good feelings inside me in the form of results this week. That´s all. =/

Anyways, it could just be the weather...haha Here the rainy season (winter) lasts from May to October and is drawing to a close too. It´s weird to everyone here though because we really haven´t had a lot of rain this winter. Nobody knows what to think. So while summer is ending for you all in the States, it´s just about to begin here in Guatemala. With changes coming up, I´m just hoping that the Lord doesn´t have a mind to send me to the coast to experience the summer there. I´m actually really hopeful that I´ll get sent to the mountains...but I dont know what´ll happen. I´ll be able to email next Wedesday to let you all know what happened with changes.

In any case, I´m mentally ready to accept any change or absence of change that comes. If I change, start. If not, I have more opportunity to continue working here in Promision and to turn my area arround from it´s downward trend. It´ll be good to get a new companion. I´m kinda hoping that I get someone from the States, but if I get another Latino, that´ll be cool too. Elder Rodriguez is definately ready to go home. He officially goes home in a week from today, but I think he checked out last monday...I dont know what to think. At any rate, new companion=new experience and new experience=good for me right now.

I have a little bit of bad news about my ward right now: none of my recent convert families came to church yesterday. I have no idea why, but I plan on finding out today. Our ward really needs a focus on reactivation and retention...but it seems like the members are too preoccupied to participate. That may become my mission this week...just to spend my time teaching about the importance of participation in the work. Pray for me, that the message the Spirit has prepared for the families I´m going to teach will find it´s way out of my mouth and into their hearts. That´s the support I need this week from Home. But the support I received this week was awesome too! =)

Mom, I got my package on Tuesday! How cool is that?! That was so fast and it was completely safe and sound when it got to me. I think we only get packages when we have Zone conference, but the fact that you sent it and it got to me in time was great! The candy...awesome. M&M´s and Swedish Fish are always classics and an excellent choice (good job Family!), but if there´s a next time...hold the Starburst... haha Not really a huge fan and noone here really likes them either. Couldn´t tell you why if I tried. Sorry. =P Also, Tidwell Family, I loved all your letters. It was great to hear all about how you´re enjoying your summer and you´re doing your best to make yourselves better every day. Aunt Ronna, I really appreciated the sincerity of your letter, and I want you to know how much I love you. You really are (even though you might not know it) a great influence in my life. You alays perservere and support your kids, wonderful traits in my opinion. It doesn´t matter how many words or emotions you use to express yourself, as long as you keep your heart the beautiful size that is (or help it grow, too) you´ll enjoy your life each day. Family, thank you so much for being good examples to each other.I know that you may all just be sending me the best of the news, but I still appreciate everything you do to help others. Mom, haha, you rock! Now I´ve got a virtual arsenal to fight off allergies and other ailments caused by the wonderful (sarcasm anyone? =P) insects here in Guatemala. I dont think I´ll be asking for more meds for a while now...and the vitamins should last me past the One Year Mark. Awesome, all I have to say about that. I think I´ve really gained a testimony of multivitamins, as weird as it sounds. I always feel better during the day when I have a multivitamin in the morning. Maybe its placebo effect...maybe not, who cares? =P And last, but certainly not the least in ANY way, the píctures! Whoever´s idea it was to buy that keychain and load it with pictures of the whole´re a genius. I was high on life all the way to Friday just because of that little thing. =D Seeing all your beautiful faces and feeling your love was a marvelous experience, which I could not help but share with my new family here as well. They all thought it was really cool to put faces with the stories that I tell them. I hope someday I´ll get to do the same for you all when I get back. =) Oh, and Mom/Metzie, the jeans...umm I´ve got some news about those... Ummm...they FIT! HAHA! They fit beautifully and I love them, absolutely love them. =D And the Bear Lake well does my Family know me?! =D I LOVE IT! Okay, my freak out is over, but seriously, you guys really scored with the package. I love you all, not just because of what you sent, but how much it reminded me of the depth of my eternal love and connection with you all. =) Thank you...thank you, thank you, thank you all. You made your missionary son/cousin/nephew extremely happy this week. Remember my love and try to share yours with others with your actions and prayers. They need a taste of your awesomeness too, ya know. =)

Anyways, I don't have much more time so it´s time to say goodbye until next Wednesday. Remember, don't freak out when you don't get a letter on Monday. it´s coming...have patience. =P I love you all to the Moon and back several thousands times. I pray for you often and think about you always. Your missionary truly loves you, and still can't wait to see you when he gets home.

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Email - Received Monday, August 10, 2009

Hey Family! Hi Friends! It`s me again. =)

Usually when I get to write home I know where I`m going to start my emails...but today I`m not really I`ll just start by talking about what`s on my mind to tell you all. This week was good and so-so at the same time. The awesome news is that Antonio, 14, and Rebecca, 11, of the Family Morales got baptized and confirmed this Saturday. We`ve had it planned for a long time now, but it`s still great that I`m keeping my perfect record of not having baptismal dates fall through. They both had me baptize them, so I got wet this week! =) I like this phrase that I can say when we`re going to baptize, ¨Voy a mojarme, voy a mojarme!¨ which basically just means ¨I`m gunna get wet!¨ haha Fun way to look at it, at least for me. Also, they were both confirmed members on Sunday and Antonio actually asked me to confirm him. I was really nervous because I had never done that before and I also had to do it in front of the entire ward. It was a great experience though, as I don't really remember what I said in the blessing after conferring the Gift of the Holy Ghost on him, and for me that almost always means that it was a blessing directed by the Spirit. After baptizing twice the day before and then confirming once, I felt very tired. I think you all would be surprised at how much it takes out of a guy to use the Priesthood to perform blessings and ordinances. I know it surprised me the first time I really experienced it. It`s a good tired though, because I know why I`m tired and it`s because I was being utilized as God`s messenger and advocate. We`re still working on getting their inactive mother to come back to Church, but there are a couple things working against us. She works for the police, so sometimes she works on Sunday, and it always seems that she gets sick when she CAN come to Church. We dropped by their house after the Sunday meetings and we gave her a blessing of health. It was a great experience for me because after I had pronounced the blessings of health on her head, I felt compelled by the Spirit to expand the blessing. The words that I spoke were about their future as a family. their responsibilities as new members and a part-member family, and the blessings that were awaiting them when they finally become a forever family in the temple some day. Anyways, that`s what happened with Familia Morales this week. Thank you all for your support and prayers on their behalf. If you`re wondering about their current needs, we need to get Sister Lucky to start attending church with her kids, we need Brother Eric to find good solid work so that he can marry Sister Lucky, and then we need to get him baptized as well. Maybe this could all happen in the next two weeks before changes...I dont know, but I`m hoping and praying that it does.

Now to answer a few of your questions. Be aware that changes are on the 24th of this month, so all of this could be changing in about two weeks. My current companion is Elder Rodriguez from El Salvador. He is 24 years old and is finishing his mission this change, he`ll be going home on the 25th. He is kind of a closed-off, stoic personality, so it`s hard to be good friends with him, but at least we`re getting along. He obvoiusly has a lot of doctrinal knowledge after already serving his complete mission, so it`s good to teach with him and learn from what he does. He`s very good at touching items in a lesson that I forget when it's my turn to speak. He doesn`t criticize me very often, and when he does, it ends up helping me out of right now that hasn`t stressed our companionship much. We get along, he`s getting ready to enter his life outside the mission again, and there aren`t any real problems between us so this change has been pretty smooth in those respects. Still, it`s been kinda tough to not have many people to teach and to not be able to fill our daily schedules at all this change...and I`m trying to figure out if there is a lesson I`m not learning, but as of right now, nothing that we`ve done has drastically improved the situation. I still love the people, still love the ward, still love our investigators, but I`m having a hard time loving the ¨finding¨ part of the work. I`m sure it`ll get better soon, but please keep praying for our sakes. Even if we have to find our investigators one by one, we`ll find them.

A little about Promision. Sorry Mom and Dad, I`ve tried to find my area on Google Earth too, but I was unable to. The only thing I can tell you is try looking for ¨Villa Nueva¨, then within Villa Nueva look for ¨San Jose¨. I do know that it`s somewhat near a lake called Amatitlan. But be sure not to confuse that with the lake Atitlan, the bigger of the two and the more beautiful as well. This is nestled up against a bunch of hills and is about 10 miles away from the ¨Volcan de Agua¨ which means ¨Water Valcano¨ which...really doesn`t make sense to a gringo like me. I do know that the city Antigua is on the other side. Almost the entire area is a kind of suburbish residential block, so there`s not a ton of forest within the city, but at the limits there is plenty. I`m sure I could get easily lost if I tried to go hiking without someone who knew the way back. Regardless of the relative abscence of ¨jungle¨ in the residential areas, there is still plenty of green. The climate is still awesome and cool. Some days are a little warmer than others, and some days there is rain, but overall it`s still to my liking. From what I`ve heard, the climate is like this because we`re still part of the city. The city, or at least the main part, was built in a valley that has excellent geographical shelter, and is rather beautiful. I think it`s because of this that it`s climate is so great almost all year-round. Apart from the weather, yes, we`re still part of the main city of Guatemala City, but that doesn`t really mean what you think it`d mean. Our area still has extremely poor people that live in metal and wood shacks, really messed up dirt roads, and tons of garbage in the street. Some parts are better planned and better constructed than others, with a sort of cobblestone paving in the main streets, and almost a nice grid network...almost. haha Although I say it`s ¨better¨...remember that that term is relative. haha The addresses are still really messed up at times and sometimes references take hours to find. They also don't have a good sewer system, so when it rains hard...the streets sometimes become rivers than are impassable if you want to keep your feet any type of dry. =/ Sometimes it makes it hard to go out and work, but we still do. I still like our house and like living in a way that`s just sufficient for two young men that spend hardly any time at home. Some companionships have large houses that are way more than they actually need, and any time that I go on divisionals to these houses I feel out of place, like we have too much. I don't know if that makes sense, but it does to me so...hahaha Dont know what more to tell you. Remember, it`s very possible that I`m going to change areas and it`s certain that I`m going to receive a new companion. This is just what it`s like currently and is subject to the one constant in the mission...change!

So that`s a lot about where I`m at, what it`s like, and who I`m working with. Honestly, I would kinda welcome a change now, but if I stay I will have a lot of cool new opportunities. If I stay in Promision,`I will probably rise to Senior Companion or even Trainer. The Mission President is converting our Zone into a Training Zone for the new missionaries to start in. The other two zones in the capital are both Training Zones now too, so this is just another progression towards that goal. I dont know how I feel about the possibility of training...but anything President throws at me, I`ll try to catch and run with it as well as I can. I appreciate your support and prayers more than you all can imagine. Keep it coming. Mom, Dad, and Hope, I love you all so much and continue to miss you the same. I`m sure that`ll never change in my mission, but at least I can focus on making lots of memories to share with you when I get home. As for now, this email has been all about my mission. I hope everyone enjoys it. Cant wait to hear more from everyone next week, and I`ll keep you all informed as well. =) Oh, and Mom and Dad, I`m already starting my 21st Birthday Wish List, so get ready! ahahahaha =D

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. Dad, I came across this scripture in my study of the Bible and I thought about you immediately after reading it. It`s Dueteronomy 28:12-13. It has to do with you being a Latter Day Saint, and also with your business that you are working so hard to grow and develop. Just remember that it will never grow faster than when you have the Lord on your side working to keep his end of the deal. Just like the Family Tie you sent me with with D&C 82:10 on it, keep his commandments and his promises are yours to enjoy. =) Hope you enjoy. =P Love you, miss you, cant wait to get your letter nest week. Have fun with the Priests and help Brad out as much as possible. Dad...I`m really glad that you`re my Dad!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Email - Received Monday, August 3, 2009

Hey Family, Friends, and All My Loved Ones! =D

It´s always one of my favorite parts of the week when I get to read your emails and respond to all the wonderful news that I receive. It´s awesome to hear that everyone is really enjoying their summer and that everything (besides the refrigerator at home =P) is going wonderfully for you at home. I love hearing about all the activities you´re all involved in,especially at the Bear Lake House. I´m so excited to party it up Bear Lake style when I get home, it´ll be awesome to see how much it´s changed and how much MORE we can fit into one summer! =) Be assured, I still think about all of you every day and instead of making it hard this week I was strengthened by my love and interest in all that you are and do. My dear Family...I continue to be unable to express how much I truly love you, how much you mean to me, and how grateful I am for the knowledge that through the Plan of Salvation, we are going to be an eternal family. I´m realizing more and more in the work how inportant families are in the success of each and every individual in the world. When the family of a person (no matter whether they are a member or not) makes it extremely difficult for that person to find success in this life. It is for this that I am seeking to help the Lord complete and edify families on my mission. I had a great experience this Sunday because the two members of Familia Valladares that we baptized about 6 weeks ago came to church, but also brought a friend. =) They brought their father, who works as a security coordinator at a casino in Guatemala. Hermano Valladares has an extremely rigorous work schedule that does not allow him time to receive us and listen to the missionary lessons. This makes it difficult for him to learn about the Church that his wife and oldest son have joined through our efforts. The Church has brought numerous blessings and a beautiful atmospere into his home and he has noticed the change. He has a real desire to learn, but we have not had the opportunity to teach him yet. This is why his attendance in Church this Sunday was so exciting for me. I sat with him throughout all the meetings and answered all the questions that he put to me. He asked about the Priesthood, Patriarchal Blessings, Family Home Evenings, and much more. He has also been reading the manual for the Gospel Principles class in his spare time and has come to love the help and guide it gives him in real life. I again expressed my hopes that eventually we will be able to find a time to teach him during the week and that maybe eventually he will have the opportunity to complete his family in the Church, in one faith and one baptism. He expressed his thanks for what Heavenly Father has done through us and also his hopes to listen in the future. I have no idea when or if I will be the one to teach him, or whether I will have left the area by the time he has the time to receive us.But I know one thing for certain, when he listens, he will receive his answers, he will gain a testimony, he will be baptized, receive the Priesthood, and eventually be sealed with his family for time and all eternity. This knowledge gives me strength and I hope to see that day soon, as I know it will be a glorious day indeed.

Okay, I know that I went on a rant about that experience and it was probably way longer than it needed to be, but it was awesome for me and I wanted to share it with all of you. I also wanted to admonish and exhort all of you to seek diligently to complete your families in the Gospel of Christ. There is no greater blessing on earth than that of being part of an eternal family united in happiness for this life and the rest of forever. If your family is already complete, use your time wisely, and seek diligently to strengthen it while you have time here on Earth. The Temple is the House of God on Earth and only there can families truly realize all of the blessings of eternity that are ordained for families in the probationary life. Honestly, one lifetime isn´t enough time to enjoy with my family, so I´m glad, for my sake, that I´m going to be with you Mom, Dad, and Hope, forever and ever. Like I always say in one way or another...I cant express with Earthly words how much I love you all, so it´s a good thing that I´ve got forever to tell ya. ;P

A little more about the work in Promision right now: We´re both healthy and ready to work now. I´m completing my daily scripture study goals of two chapters in the Bible, one section in D&C, and several pages of the Book of Mormon every day in English and I´m loving that every day. I´ve never read Doctrine and Covenants before, but I´m realizing now how dang cool it is! I love reading, and I love reading my scriptures! I know it´s all I have to read for the next little while, but I´m glad that I´m enjoying it as much as I have been. Mom, I hope your study of Jesus the Christ is still going well, and Dad, if you haven´t started restudying Mandrin or started with Spanish, you should know that if I were home I´d kick your butt up between your ears. Seriously Dad, you should pick up your mission language or at least start learning mine. You have no idea how cool it would be to me if we were both biligual when I get home, especially if you had learned Spanish while I was gone. =) So, if you can (even if you can´t...make time!) start studying too. It´ll be good for you, I promise. =) Hope, I dont know if you´ve started to like reading or not, but I want you to try something. I didn´t read the Book of Mormon all the way through until I was in the MTC of Guatemala. I dont want you to make the same mistake. If you can, and if you want to, please start reading the Book of Mormon. You´ll like it, I promise. It´s full of great stories and good examples of how we can do better in our lives to follow Jesus Christ. It may be hard to believe right now for you, but it´ll even help you do better in school and have really good friendships in your life, even better than you do now. Okay, I´m not going to keep ranting about this, but you should know that I´d think it was awesome if you had read all the way through the Book of Mormon by the time I get home at least once. I know you can do it, and I know it´ll bless your life and the life of our family. =) Anyways, I kinda went off on a tangent, but I needed to get that said. =P So, the work! We need more investigators and we need more opportunities to teach with members present in our lessons. Please help us by praying for those two things, and we´ll do our part as well. I dont know how we´re going to accomplish them yet, but I know that little by little we will. Thank you for all the love, respect, and support you send me through your prayers. I´m always excited to hear about all the support that I ¨dont even know I have¨. It´ll definately be a huge party when I get home, that´s for sure! =D Anyways, my companion and I are doing well but, like always, we need your help in order to accomplish all that we were sent to do. Thank you. I love you all. I dont have any more time today, but I´ll be excited to hear from you all next week.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. If you´re wondering about the meaning of the subject box title of this email ¨Into the Double Digits¨, I was meaning to refer to the fact that this week I´m starting my 10th week in the field. I´m excited about that, and I just wanted to share that little fact with you all so you can be excited too. =) Until next week, I love you and miss you all!