Monday, August 31, 2009

Email - Received Monday, August 31, 2009

Hey Family! =)

So I don`t have a ton of news, but what I do have is all good. I`m going to love this change. Elder Child and I are already becoming really good friends. It`s great to finally have a companion that I can truly communicate with. It`s interesting that talking in English all the time isn`t really effecting my Spanish much, although I`m noticing that my understanding depends a lot on my getting used to the different accents and manners of speech of all the members and people we visit. We had a rather successfull week doing what we call ¨depositing¨, which basically just means having a lot of lessons with members and new converts trying to deposit trust in an emotional bank account with them, so that later, when we invite them to participate in the work, they will have a lot of trust and confidence in us as missionaries. I already feel very at home with the new ward and the members were all very welcoming to me. It`s always kinda funny to me trying to explain the pronunciation of my name to Latins. They can't make the ¨uh¨ sound very well, so I always explain my name as Elder Tooker instead. It`s a lot easier and really it`s not my name that matters for these two years. I`ve found here in La Sonora that we dont have a lot of new investigators to teach because a whole bunch just got baptized in the last few changes. It`s a cycle that likes to repeat itself in the mission: lots of people to teach...then baptisms...then not many people to teach...then it starts over again when the missionaries get into gear and find new people to teach. =) We`re very positive that we`re going to have a lot of success and we`re hoping we have at least two changes together so that we can make a lot of awesome things happen here in our area. Just please, pray and fast for the purpose of our success in finding new people to teach. That`s really general, I know, but it`s what we need right now. I have faith that your prayers and efforts on our behalf will help us tremendously, so keep them coming. =)

As for cooking, this week I`ve tried a few packages of soup, some beans, tuna fish sandwhiches (yes, Grandma Welling, I`m absolutely loving them and they really are wonderful to survive on in the mission =P), and the occassional invite from a member to eat with them. I`m doing well, I feel well, and of course, the multivitamins are really helping me out a lot! (THANKS MOM! =P) I have regular cereal for breakfast and I`m not really lacking anything in the food department at all. I have noticed that buying and cooking our own food ends up being more expensive in the long run, but that`s okay because I`ve commited myself not to spend my money needlessly like a lot of other Elders do. They always end up with nothing at the end of the month, whereas (even with having a very expensive first week here in La Sonora) I still was able to have more than 400 Quetzals left over at the end of August. =) It`s okay Dad, you can be proud of your son The Saver. =D haha No, but seriously, I`m doing great, pretty much on all fronts right now. My point of view is changing, the things I talk about are changing too, my whole person is changing into the missionary that I want to be. I know that I still have a little over a year and a half to serve left, but I`m committed to loving every change and doing the best I can to help my companions and the Lord do our work here in Guatemala City Central Mission. =)

Okay, well I got an email from Josh last week and didn`t have time to return his letter, so I`m going to do that now. I want you all to know that I still think about you all day every day. I use you as examples in my lessons, as helpful suggestions for my investigators, and as comfort for those that are passing through trials. Thank you all for your examples that you continually show to me and these, your brothers and sisters in Guatemala. Keep up the excellent work and I will write again next week. =)

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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