Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Email - Received Monday, August 17, 2009

Dear Family and Friends,

Just like last week, I´m not sure where to start in this letter. Today my feelings are so completely mixed that I´m not even sure WHAT I feel. I know that in regards to the amount of work my companion and I did this week, it was the worst week I´ve ever had in my mission. We were only able to teach 4 lessons...the ENTIRE week. Everything fell through. My companion ends his mission in a week, and I feel like I haven´t had a Senior Companion for almost the entire change. I´m trying to keep up with my study and exercise goals, but when we´re not meeting our work goals (however low they may be) it´s so hard to complete anything else. I don't mean to complain or whine, because I still feel very privileged to be part of the Lord´s work, but this week has got me down. I just feel sorry...like I´m not using the Lord´s time wisely...like I have something to really repent for...I dont know what to do to make this week better before changes next Monday. I´m going to study hard today and tomorrow, looking for my answers with a prayer in my heart, and I hope I find what I´m looking for. I just hope that my informing you all of this doesn´t lower your spirits. Know that I am still able to develop my testimony of the Gospel, I still really enjoy my studies, and I´m still enjoying being a missionary. There just isn´t much to show for all those good feelings inside me in the form of results this week. That´s all. =/

Anyways, it could just be the weather...haha Here the rainy season (winter) lasts from May to October and is drawing to a close too. It´s weird to everyone here though because we really haven´t had a lot of rain this winter. Nobody knows what to think. So while summer is ending for you all in the States, it´s just about to begin here in Guatemala. With changes coming up, I´m just hoping that the Lord doesn´t have a mind to send me to the coast to experience the summer there. I´m actually really hopeful that I´ll get sent to the mountains...but I dont know what´ll happen. I´ll be able to email next Wedesday to let you all know what happened with changes.

In any case, I´m mentally ready to accept any change or absence of change that comes. If I change, great...new start. If not, I have more opportunity to continue working here in Promision and to turn my area arround from it´s downward trend. It´ll be good to get a new companion. I´m kinda hoping that I get someone from the States, but if I get another Latino, that´ll be cool too. Elder Rodriguez is definately ready to go home. He officially goes home in a week from today, but I think he checked out last monday...I dont know what to think. At any rate, new companion=new experience and new experience=good for me right now.

I have a little bit of bad news about my ward right now: none of my recent convert families came to church yesterday. I have no idea why, but I plan on finding out today. Our ward really needs a focus on reactivation and retention...but it seems like the members are too preoccupied to participate. That may become my mission this week...just to spend my time teaching about the importance of participation in the work. Pray for me, that the message the Spirit has prepared for the families I´m going to teach will find it´s way out of my mouth and into their hearts. That´s the support I need this week from Home. But the support I received this week was awesome too! =)

Mom, I got my package on Tuesday! How cool is that?! That was so fast and it was completely safe and sound when it got to me. I think we only get packages when we have Zone conference, but the fact that you sent it and it got to me in time was great! The candy...awesome. M&M´s and Swedish Fish are always classics and an excellent choice (good job Family!), but if there´s a next time...hold the Starburst... haha Not really a huge fan and noone here really likes them either. Couldn´t tell you why if I tried. Sorry. =P Also, Tidwell Family, I loved all your letters. It was great to hear all about how you´re enjoying your summer and you´re doing your best to make yourselves better every day. Aunt Ronna, I really appreciated the sincerity of your letter, and I want you to know how much I love you. You really are (even though you might not know it) a great influence in my life. You alays perservere and support your kids, wonderful traits in my opinion. It doesn´t matter how many words or emotions you use to express yourself, as long as you keep your heart the beautiful size that is (or help it grow, too) you´ll enjoy your life each day. Family, thank you so much for being good examples to each other.I know that you may all just be sending me the best of the news, but I still appreciate everything you do to help others. Mom, haha, you rock! Now I´ve got a virtual arsenal to fight off allergies and other ailments caused by the wonderful (sarcasm anyone? =P) insects here in Guatemala. I dont think I´ll be asking for more meds for a while now...and the vitamins should last me past the One Year Mark. Awesome, all I have to say about that. I think I´ve really gained a testimony of multivitamins, as weird as it sounds. I always feel better during the day when I have a multivitamin in the morning. Maybe its placebo effect...maybe not, who cares? =P And last, but certainly not the least in ANY way, the píctures! Whoever´s idea it was to buy that keychain and load it with pictures of the whole family...you´re a genius. I was high on life all the way to Friday just because of that little thing. =D Seeing all your beautiful faces and feeling your love was a marvelous experience, which I could not help but share with my new family here as well. They all thought it was really cool to put faces with the stories that I tell them. I hope someday I´ll get to do the same for you all when I get back. =) Oh, and Mom/Metzie, the jeans...umm I´ve got some news about those... Ummm...they FIT! HAHA! They fit beautifully and I love them, absolutely love them. =D And the Bear Lake shirt...how well does my Family know me?! =D I LOVE IT! Okay, my freak out is over, but seriously, you guys really scored with the package. I love you all, not just because of what you sent, but how much it reminded me of the depth of my eternal love and connection with you all. =) Thank you...thank you, thank you, thank you all. You made your missionary son/cousin/nephew extremely happy this week. Remember my love and try to share yours with others with your actions and prayers. They need a taste of your awesomeness too, ya know. =)

Anyways, I don't have much more time so it´s time to say goodbye until next Wednesday. Remember, don't freak out when you don't get a letter on Monday. it´s coming...have patience. =P I love you all to the Moon and back several thousands times. I pray for you often and think about you always. Your missionary truly loves you, and still can't wait to see you when he gets home.

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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