Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorry, but things are still up in the air for now!‏

Hey Family!

I`m so sorry, but today I`m not able to send you much more than a "Hello" and "I love you!" I`m now in the Quetzaltenango Mission and everything is great. However, President Lorenzana sent me with a temporary companion for two days while he finds a new companion for Elder Solis (my temporary companion). In a few days I should finally be settled with a permanent companion and a new Zone and Area. The area that I`ve been sent to for these few days is BEAUTIFUL! It`s called Santa Ana, and it`s in the Zone Momostenango. Supposedly, a while back, this Zone was a "punishment zone," but I think it`s awesome! We just had a Zone Meeting and I got to know the Elders and Sisters in the Zone a lot better. I can feel the Comfort of the Spirit so strong here, it`s amazing. I`m hoping that President might send me back here someday, maybe for the last couple months of my mission...that would be cool! I`ll take lots of pictures of this area and my new area when I get there, as well as pictures of my companions. I`m ready to send another full memory card of photos, I just have to write a letter to go along with it. I`m sorry I don`t have much time or news yet, but next week I should have a LOT to say, okay? I love you all and think about my ever-growing appreciation for my Eternal Family every day. Please, this week, direct your prayers to my making a smooth transition into my new situation and also for the Zone Momostenango to be able to use their Zone Mission Plan to perfection and gain Success and Humility in the month of June. Search the scriptures, Ponder their application and meaning in your lives, and Pray for the testimony and strength to DO the Lord`s Will when He reveals it to you. I will be striving these next few months to do the same and to learn exactly HOW the Spirit speaks with ME as a unique child of our Heavenly Father. That`s my goal, please help me achieve it, because I know that with the help of my Eternal Family, anything is possible for Preston William Tucker

Love Eternally,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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