Monday, June 14, 2010

Wow oh wow! How many changes can my Family take?!‏

I love my Family!

Today I needed EXACTLY what I got from my family: support, excitement, and LOVE! Seriously, the last three days have been the most impactful days of my entire mission! So much has changed and is still changing that I`m not exactly sure how to feel about it all. I`m just doing my very best to not feel overwhelmed and just trying to learn as quickly as possible so that I don`t make a fool out of myself. Okay, so here`s what all changed this last weekend: I changed missions from Guatemala City Central Mission to Guatemala Retalhuleu (in English it`s pronounced reh-tal-who-lay-ooo) Mission, I changed companions from Elder Segundo to Elder Guevara (he was transferred from Quetzaltenango Mission to the new mission as well, and is 20 years old, from El Salvador, and comes from a strong, Gospel centered family), and my assignment. I am still in my old area of La Nueva Concepcion, but I`m not sure how much longer I`ll be there because my new assignment might make me change areas. My new assignment is...duh, duh, duh, DA!...Zone Leader! The two districts that transferred from Central Mission have been made into a small Zone, which means that we are now independent of Central Mission and will be giving reports directly to the new Mission President when he gets here. I say "when he gets here" because he is still receiving HIS training and will come to Guatemala to take over the new mission in about 2 weeks. This means that all the missionaries that transferred to the new mission Retalhuleu are going to be under the direction of President Lorenzana of the Quetzaltenango Mission. President Lorenzana is a wonderful man and I had an immediate connection with him. He said to me that he considers it a loss for him to not be receiving me into his mission and also to be transferring my new companion to the new mission. He said many wonderful things to me, but I unfortunately did not get the opportunity to have a personal interview with him. The way that I found out that I was going to be a Zone Leader was kinda funny too because President Lorenzana, in the middle of talking to EVERYONE that was transferring, points at me and said something like this "Elder Tucker, don`t worry, I`m going to explain everything that is going to happen to your district in due time and the transition will not be all on your shoulders...OH, by the way, you`ve been called to be the new Zone Leader! Congratulations!" hahahaha I about peed my pants in that moment! I got really nervous and started to think immediately about what that meant for me, my friends in my district, our areas, and my MISSION entirely! Needless to say, that meeting was an INTENSE one for me.

I was sad to be leaving a few of my friends behind in Central Mission, but more excited to be starting a new one with a clean slate and TONS of new opportunities and challenges. I was also sad to say goodbye to Elder Segundo. He stayed within my Zone, but we`re no longer Companions. However, my new companion is excellent. He is dynamic, intelligent, knowledgeable and many other wonderful things. He also only has 9 months in the mission...he went up the ladder CRAZY fast. I`ll tell you more about him soon. But yeah, a lot of things are still up in the air until President Maravilla gets here and takes over. Now, under President Lorenzana, we have a whole bunch of new rules, but the strictness will help us form up and be obedient. This really is the GRAND opportunity to change my mission, and I plan on taking full advantage of it. Even just as of yesterday, a TON of things changed for me! But it`s all good.

I don`t have enough time to tell everyone about everything that happened to me in this change, but I`ll be telling the story a week at a time. I love all of you, just please keep doing your best personally and praying for to be able to do the same! I know that my family and my loved ones are all passing through many challenges, but I know that through study, prayer, and faith...TOGETHER we can come out on top!

Love Eternally,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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