Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Email - Received Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hey Family!

Okay, so I don't have much time to write, and as soon as I tell you what happened with changes, you`ll understand why. So I got the phone call on Saturday night telling me the changes for my district, and my companionship had to change. Elder Ostler went off to Villa Nueva, my first zone, with a latino campanion, and I miss him VERY much. I stayed in Santa Elena Barillas, and received a new companion, but that wasn`t all. If that was all, it would have been a very calm change...but no. I was told that I had ANOTHER interview, my third in a row. President Baldwin called me in and told me the news. I had a change of assignment...not only was I to stay being District Leader, but I am going to train as well this change! Oh Holy Crap... that`s what went through my mind...but maybe with a different word...just kidding! So yeah, I`m a District Leader, Trainer, Missionary with just under a year in the mission. I`m kinda freaking out. I need your prayers, and your love, and Dad, if you ever trained, I need your advice. =) But I`m positive. I met my first ¨son¨ yesterday and we had a very good night getting to know him and teaching him his first lessons about the area and the mission. His name is Elder Garcia, he is 19 years old, turns 20 in August, and is from Honduras! I love people from honduras, for some reason I always get along well with most of them. =) It should be a good change!

Alright, well I don't have much more time. I also wanted to share the news that President Baldwin revealed to us in the changes. There will now be FIVE missions in Guatemala! They are creating, organizing, and calling new missionaries to the Guatemala Retahuleu Mission. I don't know...we`re kinda joking around that President might change a few mission calls and send some Central missionaries to train and be some of the first missionaries to complete their missions in the new mission...but I think it might happen. Just keep in might be a new bit of news that might come in the coming months...or it might all be fiction. I have no idea yet. =P Also, this week we are having Stake conference and Elder Anderson of the Twelve is coming especially just for our stake to speak to us. We think it might have something to do with calling the new mission president for the new Guatemalan mission. But, yet again, it might all be smoke in the wind.

Alright, I`m so sorry, but for the rest of the week, this is all you`re getting. I had to help my new companion set up his email and get used to emailing President and his family each week. Another thing was that I had to complete my District Leader responsibilities. But I love you, I love you all! I miss you and think about you often. Pray for us, our area, and our success. I know that your efforts help ours and ours help the Lord.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. Makayla, I hope you had a wonderful B-Day for your Sweet 16. Stay safe and do very well in school. And about those boys that you say like careful, cuz boys are dumb and they don't know what they are doing half the time they think they`re being attractive. haha Just dont break too many hearts. I know you`ll be good, but I have to say it anyways, be good. =) Love you, and I love your Family. I miss you all and will see you in about a year. =P

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