Monday, February 8, 2010

Email - Received, Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey Family!

Sigh...I`m so happy whenever email time rolls around again! =) I love emailing you guys. Receiving and reading your emails makes me smile and laugh, and sometimes almost cry, but I still love it every time. Thanks for keeping me up on the exciting news of our family`s life. I`m so excited for you Dad, in your new endeavor with this VMC/eBay job. You communicate very well through your emails the love and excitement you feel to be doing what you love. I know that you`re very good in a high-pressure, dynamic environment and work and I`m excited every week to hear that you continue to deepen your liking for this new (and hopefully permanent until retirement) job. Know that your son is proud of you and is rooting for you with the loud, gruff, wonderful Tucker voice that I inherited from you! =) Mom, I`m very proud of you too. you dont talk about it much now, but I know that you`re still completing the commitment that you made to yourself to improve your health and strengthen your body. I`m realizing more and more as my body continues to change in the mission that taking care of and strengthening our mortal bodies really is a strict commandment that the Lord has given us and wants us to keep. Heavenly Father did not create any of us in the beginning with inabilities. He sent us here with bodies that have divine potential, and it is OUR responsibility to find and develop that potential to fulfill the measure of our creation. Mom, keep going, you`re doing awesome! I want to be just as surprised to see the changes in your body, health, and energy as you all will be to see my new, stronger, slimmer body that the Lord has blessed me with. Hope, I love you. I miss you every day. I wish I would have been with you in all your meets and celebrations and projects this year, but I have not been able to. I just want you to know that I think about you often and I`m excited and thankful that you are going to be my sister forever! I love you all.

This week I dont have a ton of news about the work. Elder Ostler and I have been very sick and afflicted this week with the whole gamut of symptoms and sicknesses. On Wednesday I had a fever of 101 degrees and was delirious to the point that I told Elder Ostler not to believe anything I said! =P He gave me a blessing and the next day I was on the mend. Elder Ostler was sick at the beginning and end of the week, but is thankfully much, much better. We are now, both of us, at 100% and ready to face the last week of the change. We were, however, luckily and miraculously healthy for my birthday. We went to the ruins of Mixco Viejo and had a good time with about half of our zone. They aren`t ruins like you would think they would be, all scarred, destroyed, and burned from war and time. They are actually very orderly, neat, and clean. They sit on the tops of a couple mountains and overlook many green valleys and jungles. It would look very beautiful in the springtime, but when we went, the grass was a little burnt by the sun and the trees have lost their leaves. I took many pictures and will be sending them home in a letter that I will be writing by hand and sending this week. Be excited, I`ve taken cool pictures this change.

Next week will be changes, and I dont know what to expect. I hope that Elder Ostler and I receive one more change together, but I dont know if that wish will be granted. I am not ready to train a new missionary. I still have many, many faults and have not nearly the amount of understanding and knowledge of Preach My Gospel that I will need to give a new missionary a good start to the next two years. I feel comfortable now, as a District Leader, but still feel very unready for a new change or increase in my assignments. Elder Ostler has been making jokes as well that they are going to make me Branch President of Santa Elena Barillas as well. District Leader, Trainer, and Branch President would be completely overwhelming all at once...please pray for me! I`ll need the help.

Thank you all so much for sharing insights and scriptures from your classes and lessons that you`ve enjoyed. I dont have anything specifically to share with you today, but I do have an acheivement to share. On Sunday, the 31st of January, I completed reading the Book of Mormon again...but in Spanish this time! =) I feel like I will receive many blessings in understanding and language from this accomplishment and that I have something very big to be proud of from this last week. I hope that you all can now, at least, pick up the Book of Mormon in English and give it a whirl cover to cover. ;P

Alright, now I`m out of time. This week Elder Ostler is going to help remind me about all the letters I want to write and send to my loved ones, so I feel pretty confident in telling you that you can expect a cool little envelope in the mail with a memory card in about two weeks. I love you all and miss you daily.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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