Thursday, February 18, 2010

Email - Received Monday, February 15, 2010

Hey Family!

Wow, holy cow, so this week was very interesting. Being a trainer is different than any other experience that I`ve had so far in my mission. Elder Garcia is a good companion, full of energy, drive, and desire. We always say that the new missionaries still have the MTC fire burnin' hot. least I say that. It`s tough though because our area has quite a few challenges that I did not know about until this week. I was surprised, shocked, and a little dishearted to know that there are problems in the leadership of the branch, between members and their families, and a basic overall disrespect and distrust between non-members and the missionaries. It seems like about a year and a half ago, in Santa Elena Barillas, a pair of elders were assigned to the area and just spent their time doing incredibly stupid, disrespectful, and incriminating things. Mom, Dad, you`ll understand this more than anyone, that when someone gains a reputation in a small community, that reputation sticks for a VERY long time. So it seems like Elder Garcia and I will be responsible for breaking down barriers and building back up the good reputation that the Church of Christ should have all over the world. For these reasons, it has been tough to receive any references from the members. Member references are the most effective way to get people baptized because 750 of 1000 get baptized if they are references given by the members, whereas 1 in every 1000 doors knocked gets a person or family baptized. All of you can now see the importance of what we both say and do as members to help our friends and family come unto Christ. If WE dont work, the MISSIONARIES wont be able to really work either. So please, when you can, and when the Spirit inspires, help the missionaries out, talk to a friend about the Gospel, and give their names, addresses, and information to the missionaries so we`ll get to be a great big, happy family in the Eternities.

Okay, so that`s all I`ve got to say about my area, but I`ll have much more to report next week. We`re going to work hard this week and reap the blessings of a LOT of prayer.

Alright, well I love you all. I have a tough week ahead of me, but I know that you all support and love me and that your prayers will not let me get down. The Lord will guide us and we will have success following our efforts. Thank you for being the best family in the world. I miss you and look at your pictures (miss you all) often. But I`m not baggy, just very excited and happy about our future together. Tell Mom that I`m extremely proud of her. Tell Dad that I`m with him full speed ahead. And tell Hope that I`m putting a hand-written letter just for her in the mail tomorrow. And that I love her. Thanks!

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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