Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Email - Received Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hey Family!

Oh man...I love you so much! I just can't get over the fact that each week increases my love and desire for you, my family! I know that I will be more than ready to see you in less than a year and a half, but I know also that I have enough time to show the Lord that I really did come here to Serve Him. It`s interesting to hear about John Taylor and Reggie Pincock coming home because for all 4 changes that I have now completed, I have been extremely aware of the pasage of time, whether it be slow or fast. Up until my second change with Elder Child, time has seemed to pass very slowly for me, but now it has seemed to pick up speed. Now Ryan Hunter and John Taylor are home. Wow! That was fast! I`m coming up on 8 months and my second call home. That too, seems to have come at me fast. Haha I`m suddenly reminded of the insurance commercial that says ¨Life comes at you fast¨. It really is true! Anyways, enough with talking about time. Now down to the news!

Okay, so as Dad has felt very strongly, I did receive some very big changes this week. Elder Child has left and gone to his final area in the capital. I was told that I had an interview with President Baldwin, which almost always means that a missionary is going to receive a new responsibility. I did receive that responsibility. I am now the Senior Companion in the area La Sonora 1. My new companion is Elder Alvarez, a Guatemalan from th capital city, that has completed just one change less than I have in the field. He is a little quiet, but I can tell that he is a great person and will have a lot to offer in our work for the next 5 and a half weeks. He is 19 years old, has a family of 6, all active members. He has a big brother, a 17 year old sister, and a 14 year old brother. I have seen pictures of them and they seem to be a great family, strong in the Gospel of Christ. I am a little nervous about my new responsibilities, but I am praying often and with strength that the Lord will send me all the tools and spirit that I need to complete this assignment well, to His standards. Also, to let you all know, the baptism that we had planned for last weekend went very well. We completed the Aguilar family and they now have their sights set on a Temple sealing! I feel great that we finally helped Hermana Judith, Erwin`s wife, to realize her dream of her husband getting baptized in the True Church. Thank you for all your support and prayers.

It sounds like almost everything is going well at home! That`s awesome!!! I know that the Lord is blessing my family for my sake. Not for the work that I do, necessarily, but so that I don't have to worry about you spiritually or temporally. I love you eternally and want all the best for you all. I know that your habits of study, prayer, and fasting will sustain you during these challenges, and that Familia Tucker will come out on top, shining like the Sun! =D Mom, you`re awesome. I know that you love your job, teaching young minds, and I know that you`re great at it. I have pride in telling my friends here that my Mom is a teacher and that she is the greatest Mom that I could ask for. =) Hope, how awesome are you?! Dad and Mom keep telling me that you fight off sickness, that you play hard, and swim even harder! I am so amazed to constantly hear that you are improving your times and swimming in 5 events or more every meet! I love you and am so proud of you! I want to be there, rooting for you in your meets, but I know that it`ll have to wait. I want you to know though, as soon as I can, Ì will be there to cheer you on. And dear, awesome, strong, happy Dad! I could not have anymore pride in you if you had told me that you had been elected President! You are so strong and you keep our family strong too. I am so grateful to you for so many things that I just can't express it enough. Your fortitude and drive astound me as you enter this new job. It`s really kinda cool to me that this opportuniy is like a second mission for you. I can track your progress just like you can track mine. I like this a lot and hope that you keep me informed! I love you forever and want you to know that deep in your heart. No son could be more proud of his father than I am for you. Dad...thank you SO much for being my Dad!

Something that I forgot to mention in my last letter. My ring size is 11 and 1/2. No, I have not received your handwritten letter Dad. Yes, I received the one that you sent me Hope, and I loved it. This week I also received letters from Josh in Peru and from Sidney Bell. I`m so grateful that I have a family and friends that always support me and keeps me well informed about their lives. I`m also very excited to receive packages this change. I probably wont receive them until Zone Conference, but that`s okay, I`m learning patience here too. =)

I don't have much time left, so know that I love you all! I miss you and think about you every day. Stay strong. Keep praying. Read the scriptures. Be good! and Remember who you are! AND where you came from!


-Elder Preston William Tucker

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