Monday, November 30, 2009

Email - Received Monday, November 30, 2009

Hey Family! Guess what? I love you!

Holy cow! This week I got an overflow of wonderful emails and information and news that made me smile until it hurt! =) I`m so happy to hear so many wonderful things from home, and that happiness is sufficient enough to make any homesickness go away and be replaced with love for my family and thanks for my Heavenly Father. I know that He is blessing me and is very aware of every thought and feeling that I have, every little thing that I do, and every effort we make as a family to honor and respect the blessing we have of being eternal! I still need to do a lot of work on learning how the Spirit speaks to me individually, but I know that my awareness of Heavenly Father`s hand in my life is now almost crystal clear! Thank you for keeping me informed on all the wonderful challenges and blessings that you continue to receive, for each and every one is a blessing to me. =)

Well, I`ve got some very sad and shameful news this week. I didn`t remember which day was supposed to be I didn`t all. haha It wasn`t until after our Executive Commitee meeting with the bishopric that my new friend Elder Wernli said and quote ¨ was Thanksgiving...¨ haha! I didn`t even know it. What kind of American am I?! haha A good one...just not one that remembers the dates of Holidays that aren`t on the same day each year. I`m extremely aware of Christmas, but Thanksgiving (in a country that doesn`t celebrate it) kinda just slipped by me. Yes, yes...let the jokes come. =P

Alright, a little about my companion and I. We are now great friends, after two weeks of getting to know each other and working hard to make them good weeks. We had our first baptism together this last Sunday: a little girl of 9 years named Meylin Morataya. We taught her every day for a week and a half and baptized her as quick as possible. It was great! Sorry I didn`t give you any prior notice. =P I think we`re going to do the same thing with two more young kids this week to come. I really liked it, I just wish that the rest of our investigators could be like that (available every day for two weeks straight). Elder Alvarez is great. A little shy at times, but beneath the calm exterior, he`s a lot like me! He loves reading, video games, and his family! He`s read a lot of the same books that I have (but in Spanish) and has a great memory to tell stories. He is also learning English, and asks me to check his homework in the workbooks that the Latin Elders receive to earn their BYU certificate as certified English speakers. We get along really well, which is the first step to a successful companionship. Now we`re focused on working on our skills, trying to get better at teaching, sharing the time, and learning the doctrine in its most simple forms. He is sincere and humble, two wonderful traits. I believe that this could be one of those mission friendships that last a lifetime. I really hope I get to spend two changes with him, although it might not happen. We`re having a tough time with our cut-down area, but we`re making the best of it and have taught at least 20 lessons for two weeks in a row. =) Unfortunately that is including the few lessons that we have with loyal members, but we`re getting up there little by little. We have to fulfill those Rules of Excellence that President Baldwin gave us so that we can begin to have more success, but we`ll get there soon. So basically, I`m happy this change, excited for what comes next, not too pressured as a Senior Comp, but not fancy-free either. A great mix, I must say! =)

My companion has asked me to request a few things that I have offered him this last week. One, we are planning on having a bar-b-q (in spanish it`s called ¨churasco¨) with our ward mission leader, and Mom, if you could, would you send us a great marinade recipe with simple ingredients that we could use for open charcoal bbq? That would be awesome and I`m pretty sure we`ll be able to get any ingredients we need. Two, Elder Alvarez really likes my ¨bullet¨ speakers. Could you send him a pair, as a little christmas present to him. I know that he would love that! He comes from a fairly wealthy family here in the Capital, but they dont have the same technology or products here, so that`s why I`m asking you. =) I know that my family is wonderful and willing to share, so I know that I`ll be able to make Elder Alvarez feel like a new part of that beautiful family. =)

Alright I`m almost out of time. I`m sorry I didn`t respond to all your news and questions, but I had a lot to read today (which I loved). Next week I will write more, but just keep the good stuff comin! I love you forever, I`ll like you for always, where ever I am my Family you`ll be! Oh how great is that Plan of our God, I will trust in Him forever, because He first trusted in me!

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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