Monday, November 2, 2009

Email - Received Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey Family!

Yet again, it was awesome to hear from you this week. Up until this point in the day I haven`t received an email from Mom, but I did get the email from Dad. Thanks Dad, for keeping me updated with the situation, activities, and relative uneventfulness at home. Haha! I know that when Winter comes everything slows down, but the good news is that we always have another summer to enjoy afterwards. Just use this time and the extra time that you may have to prepare yourselves for the future, to work hard, and enjoy the Family that Heavenly Father has seen fit to bless us with. I`m sad at times that I don't and won't get to celebrate these Holidays with you for another little while, but I have full confidence that you will have a whole bunch of Spirit and energy stored up to help you enjoy life to the MAX when I get home. =) I recently (yesterday) completed 7 months in the mission, and yes, the time DOES seem to be moving faster as I continue to progress and work in the Vineyard of the Lord. I`m enjoying my time now, and am constantly revising my own work to find ways each day that I can be better. I appreciate to Infinity and back the support that ALL of my family gives me each week and the love and prayers that you share with me and my investigators. I know that you all are an integral part of my portion in this work and would just challenge you to keep working as hard as you`re able to establish good habits and gospel testimonies NOW so that we can all be prepared to accept our inheritance as an Eternal Family in the life to come!

This week was a rather eventful week as all of our planned activities and preparations came to fruition during our triple combined Zone Conference with our Area Predisent, Elder Don R. Clark, this last Wednesday. Three zones of missionaries, supposedly called the ¨coastal zones¨, although Amatitlan doesn`t really qualify as part of the coast, joined together to learn at the feet of leaders of this part of God`s Vineyard. Listening, participating, and taking notes while President Clark spoke was an EXCELLENT experience, and I have four pages of notes to show for it. I really enjoyed every minute as he touched on and taught MANY eternal principles that help us as missionaries to be more effective instruments in God`s hands. President Clark is known in the mission for his sharp tongue and his deep dislike for disobedience. Some experienced missionaries came scared that they were going to get chewed out by a General Authority, but I was very excited for the opportunity to learn. Truly he is an inspired man, called of God, to lead us towards our divine potential. I thoroughly enjoyed this change`s Zone Conference.
Apart from this experience, Elder Child and I had a good week in La Sonora. We visited and strengthened Sister Paz, who just got baptized, and also set a baptismal date with an eternal investigator, Erwin Aguilar for the 14th of this month. We are very excited for this baptism, as he has been receiving the missionaries for forever, and his wife has been waiting for him to make this decision for years. They have a beautiful family of 5, three young children, and Sister Judith has already received her endowments. We want this family to have the possibility of being eternal, so we`re doing everything we can in these two weeks to get Erwin ready. Also, things with the Familia Lopez are about the same. However, we have the possibility of replacing Otto`s work with a better one that will allow everyone to attend Church and progress towards baptism. So this week is pretty much all good news.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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  1. Preston is surely sounding all grown up! I can't believe it. Thanks for sharing his letter with me. I didn't know you had this blog up until now. I'll have to visit this page often so I can stay up to date with his mission.