Monday, November 23, 2009

Email - Received Monday, November 23, 2009

Hey Family!
As always, it was a wonderful feeling to wake up today and know that I would get the chance to read some emails, hear some good news, and think about my family. This week has been busy and I have not had much time to turn my mind to family, which in a way is good, but I still noticed the part of me that is missing, waiting patiently in Utah and Arizona. As we continue to strengthen and teach the members and non-members here in La Sonora, I am constantly reminded of the vital importance of my own family. I think often about my current, eternal family (Dad, Mom, and Hope), but interestingly enough I often catch myself thinking about my future family. I think often about how I will know when I`ve found the right eternal comapanion, when and where it might happen, and what I will be looking for if I am continually tuned in to the eternal perspective of life here in the world. There is a young couple of returned missionaries in our ward named la Familia Dubòn, and they have a baby of about 6-7 months old. They call me Tio Tucker (¨tio¨ means uncle) because I am always so interested in and loving with their young son. I dont know what it is, but everytime I look at that little guy, he looks me straight back in the eye and keeps our vision locked together. In those moments I long to experience life as a father and husband to a family that is sealed for eternity. I know that I am only 19 years old and should not be thinking about getting married and having kids yet, but I believe these feelings are the desires of my spirit, my soul, trying to remind me of my purpose here on earth as a Priesthood holder and eternal Son of Heavenly Father. My understanding and testimony of the Plan of Salvation are continually becoming deeper and more real here in my mission, especially when I look in the eyes of young children. I just want all of my family to know that, although I wont be celebrating Thanksgiving with you this year or the next, that I am truly and infinitely grateful to my Heavenly Father and Christ for making my eternal family possible. I am also grateful to you all, for living lives and loving me in ways that make me want to be with you forever.

Here in Guatemala I have to deal with the hard reality every day that the world does not teach these beautiful principles. The world does not want people to stay together, to make convenants with one another, and to be strong against Satan´s constant temptations. I pray and hope that all the members of my family, and my dear friends too, can realize the things that I am realizing all too clearly, and then fight against evil´s influence. Fight, please! Fight hard. I`m here trying to teach people how to be soldiers in defense of their own families, but I know that everyone back home needs that help as well. Read the Scriptures, pray often, accept and partake of Christ`s Atoning Sacrifice, and experience the joy that comes when you do so. Heavenly Father has given us all that we need, and more. It`s up to us to use the armor he has given us. Would you go skydiving without a parachute, or climb a mountain without rope and harness? If your answers were No, then please don't leave home, exposing yourself to the world, without God`s Armor protecting you on every side. I love you. I want to spend eternity with you. Help me meet that goal. I know you can do it! =)

Alright, so that`s it for the testimony for today. Now on to answering questions. Dad, I`m sorry that I have not explained P-Day sufficiently up until now, but it`s a difficult day to put in a nutshell. We do everything on P-Day. We get together as a district and as a zone, we play soccer, we play football, we play Uno, we eat a lot of food, we buy the food that we need in the house, we write letters, we give service, we prepare for the activities that we`ve been assigned to direct during the week, we take a nap here and there, and we teach in the night-time hours, helping and strengthening the lost and wandering sheep of Heavenly Father`s fold. P-Day has always been, and I`m pretty sure it will always be, on Tuesdays. Mondays we email as a part of our District Meetings, so President Baldwin has shortened our P-Days to 5PM. Before 5, it`s up to us what we use our time for. After 5PM, it`s still up to us, but we use it to teach. I realized this week that it doesn`t matter what day or time it is, the way that we use our time here in the mission is always up to us. We`re here and we work because we want to, and if someone really doesn`t want to work in their mission, they can choose not to. It made me happy to realize that I am working because I want to, not because I`m required by President, my companion, or even the Lord to do so. I`m willingly serving, and that`s a good feeling. =)

Now for a few more answers. Elder Child left as District Leader, but Elder Gomez (from Mexico) came to fill his place. Elder Gomez and Elder Rivera (from Costa Rice) are assigned to Barcenas, so the name of our district changed, but it`s no biggie. We did have to move into one of the new homes that we found, and I am now living with Elder Alvarez in the house we found in Valles de la Sonora 1. It`s a comfortable, quiet colony. The house is comfortable, but a little echoey because we have only a minimal amount of furniture. I enjoy living closer to the center of our area, and we are seeing good results from the move. We do not live with other Elders in this house. President Baldwin says that two elders in a house is a companionship, but four is a party. The Lopezes did not stay together. One (from Nicaragua) stayed in Linda Vista, close to us, but the other (from Honduras) went to Palin (the opposite edge of the zone). Overall, everyone is happy with the changes and we are doing well. It`s hard on the two new elders that came to the newly divided part of our area because they are new missionaries as well as being completely new to the area. They are intelligent though, so getting started should not be a problem, especially after my helping them get to know most of the area. Elder Alvarez is also a very good companion. He is a little quiet, and teaches very simply, but he has a testimony and that is enough to start well in this work. We will constantly be working to become better, and I will keep you posted on what happens, but I have faith that we will have a successful change together.

Once again, I love and appreciate your support and love. Your prayers help us, I have a testimony that is true. Keep them coming, please. =) I`m extremely excited for the packages that you are sending. I think they will probably get to me at the same time, but thats just fine. We get our packages in interviews and zone conferences. I just have one additional request: Pictures! =) I sent you some, now it`s your turn to return the favor. =P

I`m all out of time for this week. Until next week...I love you!

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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