Monday, June 29, 2009

Email - Received Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey Mom and Dad,

I already sent letters to Hope, Josh, and my mission President, so I dont have a lot of time, but...I`m hoping you can glean a bunch of my sentiments and feelings and the events of my week from the other emails too. If you`d like, I wouldn`t mind it if you posted those two letters on the blog too. The one to Hope and the one to Josh. I sent them both the Mom`s email. As for right now...I have about 12 minutes left to write...sorry. =/ I`ll try my best to write everything I can.

Not a lot happened in terms of lots of work this week. We had Zone Conference which lasted two days from about 9AM to 3PM each day and that was very interesting and fun. The theme was Establish the Church and the focus was the Book of Mormon and how we should be using it in every aspect of the work. We had the opportunity to learn from President Baldwin and that was great. The Assistants he has chosen are very thorough and they teach very well too. Monday was P-Day this week...not a lot happened. After we finished Zone Conferences, my companion and I got sick and were laid up for a bit of every day afterwards. He has a flu and for some reason my back has been giving me problems...but dont worry...we`re getting better. I AM taking care of my self Mother...don`t worry. =P We also had a Trainers Meeting in the capital at the Mission Office and that was fun. I just basically got the chance to see all the missionaries that entered with me and we all had the opportunity to report on the work we had been doing so far. I felt so proud when I was able to stand up and report, in Spanish, that my companion and I are having success in a wonderful ward. When you two come to get me after I`m done with my mission, I would definately love to bring you to Promision to meet these wonderful people. Some have pretty big challenges and none of them have life easy, but they are wonderful people and I love them so much.

About the news from Home. I wrote to Hope about her news and was excited to receive a letter directly from her this week. Mom, I`m glad you had the knowledge and the means in order to help Metzie resolve her...(stiffles a laugh) getting stranded in Willard issue. ;P Just joking Metzie, I love you! Glad you`re safe. It`s good to hear that my family is interested in hearing about the work I`m doing for the Lord. I`m glad you enjoy my testimony. I know how thankful I am for it right now. It`s my favorite part of teaching...getting the opportunity to testify of things that I know in my heart and my mind and in my soul. It`s probably my favorite part of the mission so far. Testimony...gotta love it! =D

I got letters from Kim, Sis Poulsen, and Mom this week! Thank you all so much for the wonderful news and I will try to write back soon! I love you all and I will be sending new pictures home soon too. I`m sorry Mom and Dad, but my Mission Journal is kinda just falling through the cracks...I`m hoping my letters are sufficient...for now. Just, at this point in the work...I haven`t figured out how to fit it in. Maybe I will in the this point I cant tell. I REALLY enjoy sharing my mission with you all through my emails though. I love you all and am out of time for this week. Write back soon and keep us in your Prayers! Trust in the Lord and He will trust in You!

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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