Monday, June 22, 2009

Email - Received Monday, June 22, 2009

Hey Mom, Dad, and Hope!

I love hearing so much news from Dad about you guys. I miss you and think about what you might be doing every day. It`s good to know that all your plans and fun times are starting to come to pass for this summer! I`m happy that Ben got to fly in and see the family. It`s too bad that you all didn`t get to go out with him on the boat, but just imagine if you were trying to enjoy boating season here in Guatemala...where it rains at least once every day! =P Most of the time it`s not bad, but last night we forgot our umbrella and on the way home we got completely soaked. When half of your clothes are being washed and the other half are wet from running in the gets a little frustrating. Luckily everything dries pretty well over night. Anyways, Dad, by mentioning big breakfasts, Crown Burger, and Tucano`s...are you TRYING to make me go insane? =P On an extremely serious note...I miss the food in the States and especially at home! Mom, get ready because you`re going to have one very HUNGRY man on your hands in about 21 months. =D Here we get good beans, bad rice, and very good fresh bread for almost every meal, but we hardly every get meat and when we do, the portions are definately not Preston portions. ;) Anyone that reads this and has seen me eat knows EXACTLY what I mean by a ¨Preston Portion¨. Yup, definately planning on gaining weight when I get home. =) As to that subject...everything is getting big on me. My suit is still comfortable, but my shirts and pants are starting to show how much weight I`m losing without even stepping on a scale. It`s kinda cool to see actually. =P And guess what? Remember my temple pants, how we had to buy 42`s? Yeah, well now they`re my baptism pant and I definately have got some extra room to move now. ;)

Speaking of which...guess who has THREE baptisms now?! =D Elder Preston William Tucker! Haha And I actually got to baptize two of them! Denny Lopez and Debora Valladares. I dont know why they chose me to baptize them...but it was a WONDERFUL experience! To have such success with such wonderful people is a taste of the delicious, sweet fruit of Lehi`s Dream. To see Salvation begin for just spectucular! I got pictures and I will be sending home another memory card soon! =) I just wanted to share with you all the pure JOY that I feel for the decisions these people are making to follow Christ`s example and be baptized into the one True Chruch. I even had the opportunity to bear my testimony to a room full of members, loved ones, and friends of those that we baptized. Everything flowed, and I was able to say exactly what I wanted to express. By no means, was my Spanish perfect in that moment, but it was close. ;P Thank you for your prayers and love for these people that you dont even know, but that I can feel that you care for just as much as I do. They still need your prayers, but I know that they`ve taken their first step and it`s all about joy and eternity from here on out.

I`m so happy that Rob`s Farewell went well! I know he has the skills and intelligence needed to become an excellent missionary. He was well prepared for this throughout his life by his family and the Lord and now He`s going to make us all very proud. Rob, if your get the chance to read this before you go, I love you and miss you, but I know that what you are doing is right. It`s the right decision at the right time in your life and I have no doubt that the Lord will keep you in the hollow of His hands. He will protect you, love you, and support you like you`ve never experienced before. Trust in His power and love and you will do wonders. =D That`s called Faith cousin, and you`re gunna need every drop that you have to serve the people of Spain. Do your absolutely best and the Lord will do His. And I testify that the Best of the Lord is enough to accomplish absolutely anything in this world because it is His, we are His, and this work is His. I know that this Chruch is True, that the Book of Mormon is full of the True Gospel of Jesus Christ and that it contains answers to all of your questions and problems, and I know that the Light of Christ is in all His children...waiting for you to awaken their rememberance and lead them back to their Father in Heaven. I love you cousin, I`ll see you in about 25 months. =)

Dad, Happy Father`s Day, late, but it`s all I can do. Love you. I`m so glad that you`ve gotten the opportunity to use your boat and enjoy your summer with your family so far. I miss you and at times really wish I could call you for counsel and just talk, but I know there will be plenty of time after this work is done for me. =) And also...I have no idea what an Orbital Buffer is... Hahahaha! Sounds like Metzie has really been pushing to get the basement in Bear Lake ready for summer. Take pictures, beacuse I want to see what yòu all have done with the place =) Enjoy your summer and use Bear Lake to the fullest. Say hello to the Sessions Family for me. Tell them I love em and I wish the best for their missionary too!

I`m actuially not surprised to hear about your emotional moments at the Farewells of Josh and Rob, Dad. I knew you probably wouldn`t miss me to the point of tears, but I knew before I left that you and I truly are Best Friends now. I miss you too and I`m proud of you too. I woudn`t be here without your guidance and loving support. Know that I appreciate everything you have ever done for me. Gain a Testimony of your Son`s Love for you. ;) Because your son loves you more than he can express. You`re my Hero and my Friend, but best of all you`re my Father. I love you and I`m grateful that we`ve been given eternity to be together as a Family forever.

Sorry I don't have much more time. We used a new place for email this week and the computers are on the fritz...I`ve already lost two other emails I started to you and I dont want to lose this one. So I have to say goodbye for now. Thsi week is Zone Conference. I`m excited for that new experience and I`ll be thinking about you a lot over the next two days as I receive training and counsel. Mom, stay strong, enjoy your summer, and keep up your studies! I love you to the Sun and back 10,000 times! Hope, Dad tells me that you`re doing the best you can to do well in school and help out at home. Thank you so much for listening to me. I love you and I want the absolute best for you in this life. I`m so extremely grateful for the opportunity to be your brother for forever. I miss you and think about you every day. Keep up your good work and we`ll have plenty of time to hang out when I`m home! =D Dad, you know now how much I love you. Keep me up to date and keep doing your very best for the Family and for your Work. Succeed! That`s an order! ;P I would love to hear more about how the company is doing and what your current interests and cool experiences are, so fill me in when you get the chance. Love you for eternity and I cant wait to hear more from you. Until next week...

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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