Monday, June 15, 2009

Email - Received Monday, June 15, 2009

Hey Family!

I was so excited to see that I had gotten two e-mails to read and respond to today. I´m sorry though, While I was writing my report to my Mission President, the power went out and the internet cafe didn´t give us our lost time back. Moral of the story, I dont have a lot of time to write today. Sorry... =( I´m not very happy about it either.

So here´s the deal, I didn´t know about it until we had District Meeting last week, so I´m sorry I didn´t give you all a heads up, but we do our letter writing on Monday instead of P-Day. We do it because we have District Meeting and it´s held near an internet cafe and that way we can all go as a district to write. But I´m glad that I still have the opportunity to write for an hour each week. The absensce on technology in my life now is...well, strange to say the least.

I was so happy to hear that Josh´s Farewell went without a hitch. I´m glad that he was so prepared and I´m just astounded at how much the Lord has blessed that kid. I love him so much and I wish I could´ve been there, but I´m not gunna lie, I´m glad that I´m already 2 and 1/2 months into my mission. I´m so grateful that the Lord has provided for him temporally and spiritually and I can feel that he is as ready as he could be to start his training. Josh, be excited, cuz you´re in for one heck of a ride my friend! I miss you and think about you often while I´m out walking the streets of Guatemala and I know that you will do SO well on your mission that you´ll be the envy of every other missionary in your Zone! Haha Just stick with it, study hard, and apply yourself in everything that you do in the next 9 weeks. You´ll do wonders, I know it!

Speaking of wonders! Guess what?!?! My first three baptisms are scheduled for THIS Sunday, the 21st! How crazy is that?! Success in my first two weeks. Truly the Lord has His hands over my area and has blessed us already with a harvest of beautiful souls. Family Valladarez, Daniel age 14, and his mother Debora are both so excited for their baptism and I can see their love for the Gospel of Christ growing everytime we see them. Denny Lopez age 15, sister of Vildalia Lopez, had a few struggles at first with her prior beliefs, but she is also ready and happy for her baptism. More good news, two nights ago we received a reference from a less active member that we are reactivating to go teach the family of his sister. They are a family of four, unmarried, but extremely loving. I loved teaching them because it reminded me so much of my own family and I could feel the love of Christ expanding as they listened to our message. Both my companion and I feel that the three of them that aren´t members (the step-father, and the two kids) are ready to receive the gospel and we will be able to set baptismal dates with them soon. =) We are still working on Zaida age 12 to get her registration papers with the Guatemalan government, but I feel that as soon as those are ready, she will be baptized as well. Oh how wonderful the blessings of Heavenly Father are for his Children. I feel his love everytime we teach and I can see his Love blessing my family as well.

I´m so glad that everything is going well at home. Mom, you´re awesome, keep working and playing hard. The Summer is your time to shine and be free. I know that you´ll enjoy Girls Camp, you always do. Dont worry about the yard, all will get done in its proper time. In the mean time, enjoy the rain, enjoy your studies, and enjoy your family! I´m sad that I cant enjoy this Summer with you, but trust me, the Man that´s going to come home to your from this mission in two years will be completely ready to live up the summer with his Family! Hope, love you, miss you, every day. Help Mom, have fun, and be good, okay? =) Swim hard and remember my promise about the Olympics! Miss you, write soon! Dad, sorry about the surprise e-mail, but at least for the next 4 weeks you can count on receiving my e-mails on Monday, okay? Thanks for checking on my bank accounts. I forgot to get those expiration dates for you today, but I will have them for you next week. I dunno how you´d be able to fly out and bring them to me, but that definately sounds like a fun idea. I think the way it was explained to me by a friend here was that you could get me new cards, send them by secure USPS post, then I´d notify you when I received them and you could then activate them. I Dont know what you think about that, but it IS another option. Love you, you´re so great for taking care of me, even when 2200 miles away. As for my ASU account, i dont remember my login, so what you´re going to have to do is find my SunCard, my ASU ID card, and get my ID number off of it to use the (forgot ID/password) for the login. I cant remember where I put it, but I know I left it at home. And you´ll need the second number, to the right of the first in the middle of the card. I think it´s either 12 or 14 digits. Then you´ll just have to have my last name and my birthday. That should do it. I hope nothing is wrong with my account...I´m sure you´ll do your best to find out.

Enjoy the boat, get it broken in, and I´ll be back in about 22 months to tear it up with you. I think I´ve lost about 25 pounds so far and I´m looking better than I have for about 2 years. I´ve been comparing myself to the pictures of the day you dropped me off at the MTC, and I think I look terrible in them! Haha I really let myself go! =P But I´m doing a lot better. My pants are loose, my suit fits great now...even a little big in the pants, and my shoes are very comfortable. No blisters, I promise! But anyways, my point is that I´m going to look and feel great when I get home, I can already feel the Lord´s hand in making me healthier than I have been for years. All the better to serve Him, right?! =) You guys stay healthy too, or get healthy if you´re not happy right now. Again, try the MTC diet: three meals a day, same time every day, and no snack in between. You´ll be amazed at the results. ;) I´m about out of time for this week, but everyone know that I love you and I miss you all every day. I look at our family photo everyday and know that if blessing you all were the only reason I served this mission, it would be enough reason for me. Luckily, I know that my reasons extended eternally further than just blessing my family. I love blessing the people here in Guatemala and am learning more each and every day. I love you all and can't wait to hear more news and love from Home. Keep praying, I know I´ll need the blessings and so will my investigators. Know that God is with me and I am striving to be worthy of His protection and trust. God be with you this week.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. Josh, cant wait to hear from you in the MTC man, it´s gunna be awesome for you, I guarantee it! Miss you more than anything Bro, make Heavenly Father proud. I know you will! Love you!

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