Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Email - Received Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey Family, Friends, and Future Servants of the Lord!

Haha, Yes I mean you Josh and Rob. I am so full of gratitude and love today as I received DearElders from Amanda, Aunt Metzie, and an awesome, long one from you Josh! You wrote it on the 17th, so it´s kinda old news, but I loved every line of everyone´s letters! And guess what Mom?! I got your package! Right on time! Next Tuesday I leave for the my actual mission field, so I´m not sure whether or not I would´ve gotten my mail, since I will be leaving early in the morning. So I was extremely excited to come back from the Temple this morning and see a bige, heavy package with my name on it! Mom, you´re the best Mom A missionary could ever have. Temporally, I have been so ready and prepared for this experience because of you. I have not had one absolute need since April 1st and I love that I can focus on more important things than say...running out of soap like some of the other Elders are having to deal with. =) Anyways, Thank You to everyone that is sending me so many letters and prayers and so much love and support. It truely does make a HUGE difference for me. I can feel it when the Lord has no other choice but to answer your prayers and lift me up where I need to be to do His work.

Okay, so a little news. I believe that I´m getting EVERYONE´s DearElders and obviously packages DO get to me, so i´m way excited about that! It´s just a matter of the time between send and receive that´s a problem...and even that can be easily shrugged off. Amanda, yes, I got your first DearElder, but no I dont have nearly enough time to actually write letters to everyone back. Really, mostly what i have time for is to write this weekly letter to one and all for the Blog. In the field that might change, but I´m not sure. On the subject of mail, I found out my address that you all will need to get to me when I´m in the field. It is: A.P. 921-A Guatemala C.A. Guatemala ...that´s it. I even asked a native teacher and he confirmed that that is all you need to write in the sending address. =) I´m excited to find out what my next P-Day is and how the e-mail will work out in the field too. I´ll let you all know how it goes as soon as I can.
I leave the CCM for the field on next Tuesday morning early, the 2nd of June! I´m very excited and i will get everything figured out for you all at home. I´m sure everything will go smoothly. I have been praying for my future trainer lately and have received peace in my heart that I will have an excellent first couple of changes (6 week periods).

Some more BIG news: I finished the Book of Mormon last Saturday!!! I started reading and marking about 3 and a half weeks ago with a 7 inch blue marking pencil and now my Scriptures are full of my own markings and the pencil is...well obliterated! =) It was a wonderful experience and I share my testimony with you all that the Book of Mormon is TRUE! and that it contains the Fullness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was written addressed specifically to the people that I will begin teaching in about 7 days...for that I am SO excited to share this beautiful resource with the Guatemalan people. Pray for them. Pray that they will recognize it´s ¨Familiar Spirit¨ and that they will come to the knowledge of it´s truth. I know your prayers help me, now use them to help my companions and the Lord´s children here in Guatemala. I dont think I will have the opportunity to e-mail next week on Tuesday, but I will as soon as I can and fill you in on all the details of my new change in circumstances! I´m so excited to meet my Trainer and meet the People that I will come to know and love deeper than I can ever imagine possible. I know that I will have a best experience possible. If it´s not that way from the beginning, with the Lord´s help I can make it better each day! I love you all and have really appreciated all the love and support I have received from home. Keep sending it! Let the Lord soften your hearts, set up shop, and help you become tools in His hands as well. We are all meant to be missionaries, not just us Full-Timers.

I am going to try to write as many letters as I can this week so that I can send them all out to you before I leave. To my Friends, I love you, I couldn´t be here without you. Especially you Joshua, I would not be anywhere near this close to the Lord without you in my life. Truely you are a Gift from God to me and all the other people whose lives you have and will touch. I thank Heavenly Father for you every day and offer up prayers from my heart constantly for your preparation and success. I love you my Brother. I will wait to write you until you are in the MTC, but once we can e-mail, we will be so involved in each others work that nothing will be able to seperate our souls. We were meant to be brothers and we will be, through the Lord´s work, for eternity. What we are doing is of eternal significance, of that I am certain for the Lord has made it known to me. You are an answer to prayers, never forget that.

To my family, my time is out, but I love you! I love you more than I could ever express here on Earth. Luckily I have eternity to tell you about it. ;)


-Elder Preston William Tucker

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