Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Email - Received Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hey Family and Friends!

Today is a wonderful day, even though I´m lobster red with sunburn from our trip yesterday. (We went to a place called Las Colinas, basically a camp in the middle of the Guatemalan mountains that the Church owns and operates as a kind of Ward/Stake Camp) We had most of the morning to give a little service and then play our hearts out in the beautiful, sunny day. Today I was able to go to the Temple again, and again I prayed specifically for many of you, especially those that are struggling and/or recovering from sickness. My faith has grown so much here and I know without a doubt that my prayers are answered because of my faith in the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and our Loving Heavenly Father. Also, today we get a brand new group of North American missionaries into the CCM and also another group of Latinos as well. Please, pray for their success and their comfort as I know that your prayers in behalf of me were answered in these last 3 weeks. Also, I got 6 letters today! Sure, they are all from about two weeks ago, but they still help my spirit soar with good feelings! I got US Post Mail from Mom, Hope, and Josh as well as Dear Elders from Mom, Alonna, and my old companion Mike Ivey! I cannot begin to express my exceedingly great love for my Heavenly Father and my Family and Friends for blessing me today in such abundance! Suffice it to say, I serve Him with everything that I have and then you all give me more to finish each day. =)

Okay, so more on the mail situation. It takes about $1.00 in postage to get to me, and also takes two weeks or less to get into my hands, but it DOES get to me! I´m so glad to say that I have confidence that anyone who would like to send me anything through USPS can and it will reach me. All of your letters have been so wonderful and I´m doing my best to use today to respond to many of you.

Mom, thank you so much for checking on Josh for me. I´m glad that he got the opportunity to come over and talk just like normal. I know you love him as much (maybe almost as much... ;P) as you love me and I´m so grateful that you take care of his needs when you can. Josh, I got your letter today and I must say that I was VERY impressed by the details and news that you sent me. I´m so sorry that you got so sick, but I know through the power of the priesthood and modern medicine you were able to fulfill your purposes and get back to health. I´m so glad that your Temple experience went smoothly. I cannot fully express my love for the Temples in a letter, but I want you to know that I´m so proud of your commitment to attend them often. Oh, also, I´ve seen pictures of the Peru MTC and Temple and I know you´re going to have a blast there. You should start studying your Spanish early and get a DS game called ¨My Spanish Coach¨. My MTC buddy used it for Japanese and he loves it! Just an idea...

Mom and Dad, I´m glad you two have been having such a good time lately. WICKED sounds great and I´m glad you finally get to chance to go to that motorcycle training/safety course. Mom, you´ll get the hang of it as long as you try hard. And Dad, I´m glad you feel confident that you can train me when i get home because I really want to learn!

Hope, I´m so happy that you had a good Birthday and that you went and got some new flip-flops with your gift card. It´s good to hear that they did a good job with the new Sparetime, I´m excited to see it when i get home. I heard from Mom that you´re a good baby-sitter, good job! I´m glad that you´re finding and developing your many talents like I know you can! Keep doing good work and always try hard! I love you so much!

Dad, in response to your question about the pictures, I now feel good enough that every and any picture will be welcome, no matter whether they are just of people or activities as well. I´m also glad that my SD card got to you and that it´s on it´s way back. I will send another one the week that I leave the CCM full of more nice pictures.

Family, continue to be obedient and I know that you will be blessed. Here are the basics that I know, if you work on them every day, Heavenly Father will bless your lives exceedingly: Family Prayer, FHE, Personal Scripture Study, and Personal Prayer. Also, parents, try your best to get to the Temple when you can. I know that I love them and they bless me so much with peace and personal revelation! Just an update on my personal scripture study, I just got to Alma 21 and started from the beginning, with my goal being to finish the Book of Mormon by the time i leave the CCM. Also, on the plane here I read the Pearl of Great Price and I love how much knowledge it contains about the creation and the order of this world and the universe. I hope that every one that reads this will commit themselves to continue studying the scriptures dilligently. If you dont do it now, start, and if you do it every once in a while, try to do it every day for a few minutes. You all WILL be blessed if you follow my advice. I love you all so much and want the blessings that my investigators will get as they come unto Christ for you all as well.

Well, my time for this week is almost up. Again, I love you all and cannot begin to tell you how much your support means to me. Your prayers bless me everyday, I can literally FEEL them giving me more strength and ability. Thank you, I will make you proud. Until next week, know that Christ is the Savior of the World, we all have a Loving Father in Heaven, and His Church here on the Earth to help and support us all until He welcomes us into His Kingdom once again.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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