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Email - Received Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hey Family!

To start off, I`m sorry to say this but I only have 10 minutes to write today. In a minute you`ll understand why. I also wanted to ask for your forgiveness for writing on Wednesday, but...I had changes...BIG changes!

This last Saturday We received the phone call from Elder Gomez that I was to have a change of companion, area, and that I had an interview with President Baldwinat 9AM on Monday morning. Elder Alvarez stayed in La Sonora, but we were ble to share many very tender and meaningful Christmas experiences with each other. He truely was a very good friend and a good missionary. He is shy at times, and with new people has a hard time expressing himself, but I love him dearly and have seen his true potential. I packed my bags with tears in my eyes and visited many of the wonderful members of the Sonora Ward before I had to go to the capital and receive all my new changes. Here they are:

I was moved to a new area in a different Zone.
My area is call Santa Elena Barillas and my Zone is called Villa Hermosa.
I received a new North American companion named Elder Ostler.
He is from Herriman, UT and is in his second change of the mission.
In Mission Language that makes me his Step-Father... (2nd companion) I thought it would be a lot longer time until I would be a step-father!
I was also called, in my interview, to a new assignment...
I am still a Senior Companion, but now I`m also a...duh duh duh DUH!...
District Leader of the District Santa Elena Barillas! =S I`m very nervous, I am very overwhelmed, and I have complete faith that the Lord will make me sufficient to fulfill my calling.
Weird huh...?

I felt very empty to leave my old area, as I had become a wonderful friend and brother and teacher to many in La Sonora and had a companion that loved me and I love him. However, I was able to go out to the streets with Elder Ostler and get to know several leaders and hey members of our BRANCH (luckily i wasn`t called to be Branch President), so now I am very excited about the work that we will be able to do if we put our shoulders to the wheel together.

Next week I will have more to tell, and more time to tell it in, but for now I have to go. Please send simple emails next week, with news, questions, and love, so that I will have to time to respond with lots of detail and the speicific answers to all of your specific questions. I love you all. I have missed you all terribly. But I throw my mind and heart into the work so that I will see you all soon and have the opportunity to share this beautiful experience with you all as well as with the people of Guatemala!

With All My Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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