Monday, December 21, 2009

Email - Received Monday, December 21, 2009

Hey Family!

Guess what?! I love you all. Every single one of you. I`m so happy today because recently I have learned so much, received a ton of understanding, and I have fallen even more deeply in love with the Plan of Happiness that our God and Savior prepared for us as a family from before the foundations of the Earth. I feel sometimes like my head is going to short circuit or that my heart is going to explode because I hunger to learn more, I want to receive eternal understanding, but I just feel like my body can't handle it yet! Mom, Dad, I know you`re all going to laugh at me for using this example, but I feel like a character on Dragon Ball Z! On the show, in the fights, the protectors of the earth can only power up to a certain point before their body can't take the strain anymore and they just go out like a candle`s flame. I feel like with my understanding of the Gospel that I`m constantly hungering and thirsting for more power, knowledge, and capacity, but my brain, body, and heart can't take it yet. I feel so exhausted, but yet so happy sometimes after a really great lesson or a deep discussion with a member because I know that my testimony is growing. Just like you Mom, with your excersizes, I keep trying to push my boundaries, trying to get stronger, but sometimes I just have to lay on the bed at the end of the day and be sore and tired. Now, don't get the wrong idea, all of this that I`ve described so far is making me VERY happy! But yeah, sometimes my limitations bother me because I want so much more than I can have right now. I`m sure that, when you read this email, you`ll all shake your heads and say to yourself something like ¨Well, that`s Preston for ya.¨ or ¨Sounds like he`s still himself.¨ But I hope that that`s a good thing that you all miss me just as much as I miss you.

I`m not going to lie, this week I`ve been a bit baggy, thinking about family, home, snow, and Christmas. I just can't get you wonderful people off my mind. =P I cant believe that I left in April, and now it`s Christmas, but I can CERTAINLY believe that in a year from now, I`ll almost be home. New Year`s Day of 2011 I will have 21 months in the mission, and right now, that oddly doesn`t seem very far away. I will miss the mission, the opportunities to share and grow, but I will love being together with my eternal family even more! I realized today, actually right now, that I haven`t talked like this in an email for months, and that makes me happy. It lets me know that I`m doing a good job, focusing when I can in being a good missionary, making Heavenly Father proud of me, and continuing to vicariously bless MY family. Sometimes I feel very selfish, but if you can imagine this existing, I would call it a very HOLY selfishness. I just love you SO much that I can't describe it, and I`m eternally grateful that I already have a family sealed in the temple and we don't have to change much to bring the Gospel into our lives a little bit more each day. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for teaching me well, for raising me to be intelligent, and for helping me be a person who understands my potential as a literal Son of God! =)

Okay, so I got some awesome presents this week. Dad, I got your letter! =D It was awesome and I`ve read it several times over already. It was a little shorter than I thought it would be, but I`m so happy that you chose to include so many wonderful incites into your life. I don't want to burst your bubble though by saying this, but I kinda already knew a lot of the lessons you taught in your letter, but that just means that you taught and trained me very well! =) Mom, rest easy, I got my Christmas package! I haven`t opened it yet...thanks to the insistence of my companion to wait, but I`m getting very antsy to know what you sent me! I will be sure to pass your thanks on to Sister Paz and her family. They are wonderful people and we will really enjoy spending Christmas Eve with them. Also, I`m going to try to use a neighbor`s phone to call Unlimited on Christmas Morning, but if that doesn`t work, I`ll call you from our phone in the house using Dad`s instructions. It`s just that this other phone is connected to the States already through an internet connection and it also has Unlimited calling to the States. Alright, well I`m out of time this week, but I`m extremely excited to hear your voices this week! Good luck with everything, enjoy your vacations, and MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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