Thursday, December 17, 2009

Email - Received Monday, December 14, 2009

Hey Family!

Like always, it`s wonderful for me to see lots of emails waiting to be read each week, but unfortunately the majority of the emails I got today were from the mission. Thus, I had to spend a lot of time reading other emails when I really wanted to be responding to YOURS! I only have about 15 minutes to write today, but I`m hoping that you all will forgive me.

I`m so glad that you all really enjoyed the email that I sent last week! I was hoping that what I had to say would put a smile on everyone`s face. I was excited about the opportunity to send Christmas home as well, because it provided me with a little more traditional way to express my love and adoration of you all. =) I`m going to get the package into Elder Hamblin`s hands this next P-Day, and I`m hoping that when he gets home, he`ll either immediately get it to my family, or at least he`ll hand it off to Caitlyn, who will be absolutely sure (like the wonderful friend she is) to get it to you. ;P

Unfortunately, today I dont have a ton of happiness and good news to share. Just the business end of things, I guess. I`m sorry. Next week will be much much better.

Dad, thank for you setting up a few things about the phone call home. I haven`t received any information about it from the mission office, but I`m hoping to learn everything I need to know tomorrow, in Zone Conference. Unfortunately, here in Guatemala, nobody uses any North American phone company. The companies are named Claro, Tigo, and Movistar. The huge cell phones that we all have in our houses use Tigo, so I think I will probably just get a huge phone card to use with Tigo. Like I said, I`m hoping to learn more tomorrow.

With regards to letter writing: yes! have received a coupld of letters from Josh! It`s been great to hear from him, and yes! I have written back to him. I just dont know if he has gotten the letters yet. I have NOT, however, written to Josh`s Family just yet. I should really get on that, seeing that this change I haven`t writen practically anything by hand. =( Oh! and Dad, I haven`t received your handwritten letter yet, but I DID receive the christmas card with the Christmas music! You guys are geniuses! That really did a number on me, having real Christmas music in the house. =) It makes me smile big every time we listen. My companion likes it too, so that`s even better. =) Also, I received the Missionary Mall package, and I love everything, and I`m using my shoes a ton, so thanks a LOT! =D I think I`ll probably receive the Christmas package tomorrow...that`s going to be tough not to open. =P Well, wish me luck and I`ll let you know how I`m holding up next week!

Baptism update! Once again, my companion and I had a very quick baptism this week. We started teaching Jairo, 13, and Diego, 9, last week on the 2nd, and they got baptized yesterday, the 13th! It was awesome, they understand really well, and almost their whole family came to support them. Maybe two more future missionaries to tally up! Oh yeah! =) Pray for their mom, Celeste, that she will have the strength and the love to reactivate completely and support her sons until they can support her in return! Also, please pray that this week my companion and I will find FAMILIES! We need new investigators, and families would be nice. Thanks! =)

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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