Monday, January 11, 2010

Email - Received Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey Everyone!

So today I haven`t received any letters or emails from family so it`s going to be kind of difficult to respond to your news and questions. So, i guess I will just describe a bunch about my new area and companion. This week was full of disappointments and challenges, but we got through it. As such, I won't be talking much about my week of work, because there hardly was any. Dont worry though, this week will be MUCH MUCH different. We have great goals and the desire sufficient to meet them. Elder Ostler is wonderful and after two weeks, I already feel like he is become or has become one of my best friends. I just keep getting reminded of always being told that in the mission you make the friends that yòu`ll have for the rest of your life. I`m very happy about the campanions that I`ve met and had the chance to get to know, and I feel like the Lord had a lot of blessings in store for me in the companion department even before I started my mission.

Elder Ostler is from Herriman, I`m not sure how close to David and his family, but probably pretty close. He comes from a family of 5 and has a 25 year old brother and a 20 year old sister. They are borh married and Elder Ostler has his first nephew/neice on the way from his older brother. Elder Ostler is 19 and his birthday is on August 15th. He loves cars, movies, cars, music, cars, his family, his girlfriend and...did I mention cars? =P We talk a lot, sharing stories and laughing about good jokes and movie lines we remember. I`m (in mission language) his step-father, which is kind of weird for me. That means that I am his second companion and still have a few things to teach him about how to be a good misionary. He struggles with studying and Spanish, but i think we`re going to have good success with overcoming his challenges this change. I already hope to have two changes with him, but that might not happen, as I am now a district leader in a Training Zone...which means that it`s very possible that I might train next change...not ready OR excited for that. =/ Elder Ostler wants to go to BYU and be a Chemical Engineer as well, but has not started college yet. We talk a lot about our futures and what he would like to do with his career. He likes that I talked a lot with my parents about my future and my ¨plan¨ because it is helping him work his out too. His girlfriend lives in Riverton, but is a student at BYU. She is a sophomore there, and is completely and totally in love with Elder Ostler. Luckily, they aren`t one of those disgustingly cutesy couples, but he still talks about her a LOT. haha I`ve talked a lot too, and Elder Ostler has started praying that I will find a ¨super hot, fun, pefect wife¨ after the mision so we can all get together and wakeboard, snowboard, and just be sexy together! =P Also, he`s helping me start and keep to an excersize routine, which is helping my self-esteem and is also going to make me come home as a slim, ripped up, muscley beast! =) It`s gunna be awesome!

Alright, about Santa Elena Barillas. Where we live is the actual village of Santa Elena Barillas, but it is surrounded by many other ¨aldeas¨, which just means villages. Santa Elena is situated close to the top of a mountain, and as such receives a cool climate but a TON of cold wind. For the last three days we have had almost constant, cold wind and it`s been great and terrible at the same time. In the night, sometimes the wind wakes us up and makes us grumpy, but sometimes it is soothing to hear. In the morning, it makes the house freezing cold and makes it hard to get out of bed. During the day, at times it`s hard tot talk because the wind is so fast that it carries our voices away, and at times it`s even hard to stand up straight because of the nessecity to fight the wind to stay standing. The people are nice, but simple. I believe teaching new investigators here will be like teaching children, which I love so it`ll be great. The members are warm hearted, and surprizingly very informed about the scriptures and the doctrine of the church. The one aspect that I believe that we`ll have trouble with is organization and leadership. I will be praying a lot for help and revelation to help this branch turn itself into a ward soon! =)

Alright, my time is up. I`ll write more next week. I love you all with all my heart and soul!

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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