Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Email - Received Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hey Family!

So i know it has been almost two weeks since my last email, but unfortunately it couldn´t be helped... The Church arranged for our group´s travel on a Tuesday, which was my P-Day in the Provo MTC, and we left for the airport at 8:00 in the morning, so i never had the chance to check or write any emails last week. Sorry...I was bummed out too, but there really wasn't anything that i could do to chance that.

Okay, so first of all let me answer Mom and Dad's questions. Dad, no, i didn´t get the chance to get any extra badges made before i left because i didnt even know that was possible. Sorry =/ Mom, the scripture reference that i initially wanted on my plaque was D&C 76:5-6, but I´ve started reading my scriptures in earnest and have found a new scripture that I would rather have put on my plaque, 1 Nephi 13:37. It´s a wonderful scripture and gives me so much joy in my heart with regard to the work that i´m getting the opportunity to participate in. Dad, that´s too bad that business slowed down, I was really wondering what was going to happen when I left. But as Josh always says...Just have Faith! =) Oh, by the way, I´ve loved my "Family Ties." They bring me a boost whenever I turn my tie over and read the scriptures and words of encouragement that you all sent me with. Mom, Dad, and Hope, I´m so glad that you had such a good time in Disneyland with the Tidwells. I sent two letters through the mail before i left and if you got both of them you know more about what I had to say about your trip and how happy I am that you all got a good vacation with people you love. Oh and Mom, thank you for the update on Matt´s condition. I´m sorry that the accident happened, but for some reason i have peace in my heart when i think about his future. He´s going to be okay, the Lord will protect him and spare me the anxiety. ;)

Here´s a bit of news, unfortunate and otherwise: I still have my P-Days on Tuesdays, I get to write my emails in the morning at about 10:00, but i only receive DearElders and emails on Tuesdays too. So throughout the week, I dont get the chance to receive anything, but I love every word that you all send me, so keep it coming PLEASE! =D I got only Mom´s Dear Elder today, but that okay because it was full of good news and uplifting words of love and comfort. I´m so glad that the blog is working well because I want to stay in contact with as many of my family and friends as I possibly can. =) I´m so thankful for your news Dad and Mom, it will be crazy awesome to start receiving DearElders and messages from Grandma, Sierra, and Alonna! I was hoping that those three would eventually be able to get their rears in gear and get in contact with me. =P As for addresses...i dont know what to say other than that everything I´ve heard about mailed letters from Guatemala and the US is that it´s slow and a little bit unreliable. Fortunately, i think that DearElders will still get to me no problem, I´ll just have to wait for them patiently. Oh and Sidney, thank you SO much for your letter. Good timing! It got to me exactly 24 hours before i stepped on the plane to go to Guatemala and it lifted my spirits so high! I needed a boost last Monday and you gave it to me in Spades! =) Mom, I really need you to check to see if my letter got through to Josh and see how his preparation is going. There´s so much more that I would´ve done if i had known what i know now and I think my advice could really help him be so much more prepared mentally, spiritually, and emotionally than i was. Nevertheless, his spirit is going to do wonders in Peru, I know this through the Holy Ghost as he has also confirmed many other answers to my prayers in the Temples and otherwise. I want my whole family to know that the Temple truly is where Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ can reside and that every one of you that is worthy of a recommend should make a commitment to go often with questions in their hearts. They WILL receive answers. I testify to this truth in the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the World. Amen.

No for a little bit about Guatemala. The weather here is AMAZING! It´s almost like the entire country is air conditioned! I haven´t seen much of the country yet because the MTC (CCM here) is just barely over and acr of land. The facilities here are wonderful and the food is better than I could´ve ever hoped for. My new companion is Elder Tuaone (pronounced two-a-oh-nee) and he is a 20 year old Californian. He´s cool, but we dont talk a ton. However, we teach SO well together...in English. We´ve had three opportunities to teach the lessons in English and we blew it away all three times. I feel so good about my knowledge of the doctrine, but now I have to get the Language down. I feel the Spirit helping me every day. It will come, I know it.

My time is almost out, so i have to say goodbye. Keep your letters coming. I love you all. The Lord will bless you if you ask him to. He has already blessed me SO much. Go tot the Temple, even if you cant go inside. The Lord will give you Peace in your heart. The Church is true, gain a testimony of it and keep helping it grow.

Love Always,-Elder Preston William Tucker

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