Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving week in the mish!

Good Morning Family,

I love you! Just thought you should know. =)

I missed you all very much this week and I thought about you all day on Thanksgiving. I didn´t have time to write a letter to you all for Thanksgiving, expressing my gratitude for everything you are and do for me as your son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandchild, and boyfriend...but I kept reviewing all day in my heart just how GOOD I´ve got it in life because my family is so awesome! =D Truly I was selected for great, powerful blessings in this life. That means I gotta work extra hard to keep those blessings flowin. =) I missed out on the Thanksgiving dinner this year. My zone did an activity, but really it was just weekly planning and Wendy´s. Not gunna lie, it was a good treat for us all, but it just wasn´t anything compared to a true Tucker Family Thanksgiving. haha

This week not a lot has happened. We´ve found investigators, we´ve left investigators behind, the cycle continues...Elder B and I are still goin strong and we´re becoming better friends every day. Elder Solis was worried about his mom all week, and unfortunately she is still sick and has not entered surgery yet...but we´ll keep praying for her and everything will be okay. Elder Barrios had an interview with President Lorenzana and seems to have gotten over the majority of his homesickness and desires to end his mission early. So everything here is going well. My old District Leader, Elder Chamle, was assigned along with his companion to a special travelling team of missionaries to help support and teach the missionaries all over the mission, so I was appointed to the vacant post. So now I´m the District Leader of 4 sisters and 6 elders. It´s nothing new and I´ve got the necessary experience to make the responsibility seem routine, so it´s nothing big, but it was a surprise, nonetheless. I´m thinking that because they put me in as a DL, I´ll stay in San Carlos Sija next change and finish my mission there. ´That´s what I would love to do...but I don´t know for sure what will happen in 2 weeks when the ealry change comes.

My super experience of the week was last Monday after we got done emailing. All the of the zones here in Xela were invited to a chapel to play sport together for the whole afternoon. My back was hurting for harvesting corn all week, so I didn´t play, but I definitely enjoyed the day. What I really wanted was the chance to have a short interview with President, so I asked for a little of his time and he said we would talk. I´ve been repenting daily lately and I know very well now where I stand with the Lord, but I hadn´t had personal time with President Lorenzana for almost 4 months now, so I had a doubt in my heart. I wanted to ask President how he sees me as a missionary now, in comparison with when I switched missions. I had sent him a text the week before, but because of his attendance to a Seminary for Mission Presidents in Guatemala City, he couldn´t answer me. So last Monday I asked for his time. Eventually, because the sister missionaries were hoggin all President´s attention, I had to wait for 3 hours to get 2 minutes with him. But in those two minutes President Lorenzana changed my mission yet again! He answered my question and blew my mind at the same time. He said that when I came to Xela Mission, he saw an incredible potential in me that I didn´t know about. He had told me about this before, but after being a ZL with Elder Kahawaii, he told me that he felt like I had hid that potential and that I didn´t want to progress or grow. That was that last thing I heard from him 4 months ago. So I asked him on Monday if anything had changed. This is what he said: (forgive the grammar, this is my best attempt as directly translating his words) "Elder Tucker, I feel like you´ve finally pulled that potential out of wherever you were hiding it, you came to know what you´re TRUELY capable of, and you´ve begun to fulfill that GIGANTIC spiritual and temporal potential that I saw in you the first time I saw you." Then he said "I call you an "Uncalled AP" because I could have called you to be my Asistant...and you would have done great things in that position. However, I didn´t call you because the Spirit whispered to me that you would develop and grow MUCH more personally and spiritually if I allowed you to stay in the field, teaching, and converting companions, members and investigators alike! So I obeyed and I didn´t call you as an AP, and you know what?! The Lord was right!" Then he finished with, "Elder Tucker, you DID IT! You achieved it! you´ve converted yourselves and you´ve gained the power to convert anyone that will truly listen to your Spirit and your voice. You have GAINED your Honor! If you called me tomorrow and told me that you felt like it was time for you to go home and finish you mission...I would send you without thinking twice...because you did it, you truly achieved honor and glory in you mission. Thank you. I love you. We´ll have a formal interview soon."

That was my experience with my Mission President, one the men I most respect in this entire world. The man that helped me repent and change my life around, the man that taught me how to really use the Atonement every day of my life, that man feels like I have already gained my Honor and that I can go home with my head held high, offering an acceptable sacrifice to the Lord. That was one of the most important moments of my life, hearing that come from President Lorenzana´s mouth. Mom, Dad, Hope, Family...I DID IT! I´m going to finish and come home having won our family Honor and the gratitude of hundred of converts that I had left in my wake. I truly thank the Lord for my mission and know that I will never truly understand the worth of my service until I enter into my Father´s Kingdom and see the faces of all those I helped gain their conversions to the only and True Gospel of Christ.=)

I finish my email saying that I love you all and if it weren´t for you and your influence in my life, I would have never gotten to where I am. =) Thank you, I love you, and I´m comin home soon! =D

Love Always,
-Preston William Tucker

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