Monday, November 1, 2010

Good Results After A Good Week!

Hey Family and Friends!

This last week was the fifth week of this change, so it was a week in which we NEEDED to show results in the branch if we want things to stay the way that they are in our area. Elder Solis and I would like to be together until I end me mission, and in order to make that even possible, we needed to work hard and show results to our leaders in church attendance, finding new investigators, teaching lessons, and all the little tasks and datos that are asked of modern day missionaries. companion and I and the branch presidency all of us put our shoulders to the wheel and worked hard this week. We had fun in the process, of course, but we got a lot of stuff done at the same time. We worked especially hard trying to find mew investigators and to reactivate inactive and less active members all around San Carlos Sija. Here are the results of our labor: we found 8 new investigators, three families, but all of them ended up letting us know one way or the other that they aren`t interested in changing their lives and accepting the gospel (but that`s okay, we continue pushing forward), we visited MANY inactive and less active families to solve their problems with gospel and priesthood power, and we visited almost ALL of the active families to support them, teach them, and prepare them to receive the lost sheep back into the fold. Yesterday the church attendance jumped from 63 total last week with 5 inactives and 5 recent converts to 79 total this week with 9 inactives, and 10 less actives, and the same 5 recent converts! =D How awesome it THAT! It was a miracle and we were extremely grateful for the blessings we received. As a result also, several families of inactive families have accepted our offer to reteach them the missionary lessons and help them accomplish a true and lasting testimony of the True Church. The San Carlos Sija branch wasn`t to become the San Carlos Sija Ward so this is exactly the things that it needs...for the lost sheep to come home and the offended sheep to trust the shepherd, forgive the past, and come back to the true fold. =) We`re feeling really positive about the possibility that next change Elder Solis and I will be able to stay together in our area and continue working to achieve even more success than we have so far. =)

The best thing I could ask for when it comes to the support everyone at home could give us would be for you all to keep in mind the goals of our branch in San Carlos Sija, and pray and fast for the families that I will be telling you all about in the coming weeks (that is IF I get to stay in this area =P) Here are the goals that the branch needs to achieve to turn into a ward: we need to up the church attendance to 125 every week steady, we need to have 25 worthy holders of the Higher Priesthood, and also 25 full tithe payers. Those are the basics...we can do it, I know we can. It`ll be rough and it`ll take a LOT of work, but I know that if I stay in Sija until I come back companion and I can at least get us most of the way there. =) All through the Spirit of course...we`ll only be instruments in the Lord`s hands...but we`ll be the ones putting in the footwork at least. =P Okay, so if you want to support us, pray that we can continue to progress and achieve those goals. Also, two families that need our prayers are the Aguilar Family (4, young mom and dad and two tiny children) and the Hill Ramirez Family (older mom and dad and 10 children and their families). The Devil worked hard on those families to bring them down and take them into the "forbidden paths", so we gotta have the Spirit strong with us to bring them back. We can do it, nothing is impossible with the Lord`s help. =P

Family, I love you...just wanted you to know that.

I loved all the news about Halloween...not gunna lie...I missed it last night. But that`s big deal. Just a couple more holidays to watch pass by, and then you`ll never be able to get rid of me. haha No, seriously, it`s okay. We`re gunna have a Thanksgiving dinner Guatemala style with a family of members just for me. =P They love me in this area. =) And I love them. Christmas will be great because it`ll mark one more month until I`m 21. and New years will literally be a blast here with all the fireworks and the whole city blowing up at midnight. So I`m not getting baggy cuz of the holidays, don`t worry. Just know that I`m enjoying my mission, I`m being good, I continue learning from the Spirit and the scriptures, and I love my family to the end of time!

Love Eternally,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. When Thanksgiving comes around, I would really love it if you all took pictures together and send them to me. I`ll get jealous of the food, but most of all I`ll just enjoy seeing the smiling faces of my beloved family. I love you guys!

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