Monday, October 11, 2010

October always goes by FAST!‏

Hey My WONDERFUL Family!

I miss you all so much today. It´s a beautiful day here in Xela and I could just imagine, as I looked at the park outside the Internet cafe, all five of us just walking together in the city or the park, enjoying each other´s company and presence. It´s a wonderful feeling, knowing that that daydream will soon come true. However, I am still working hard to be a good missionary and to raise these Guatemalan people up to a higher spiritual level so they can enjoy the blessings of true family relationships as well. I think that my goal in this area will be, of course, to baptize those that I can, but also to meet, teach, and measure all the members that I possibly can. Then, after getting to know their spirits, Elder Solis and I will work to elevate each member to a higher level of spirituality and personal progression so they can start really enjoying the Gospel plan. =) I´m talking about helping them prepare to receive Patriarchal Blessings (thank you, by the way, for sending the copy that I requested over the Internet) and entering the Temple for the first time and also receiving their endowments. Our efforts will also stretch into the realm of helping members be relieved of their Church Disciplinary actions through ¨good behavior¨ so to speak. It´s sad to know that some members´bad choices have crippled them spiritually, but it gives me how and purpose while I´m in their homes with them. I know that my testimony and the Gospel I teach will help pick them up, dust them off, and show them the right path. It´ll be a fun ride here in San Carlos Sija!This week we started a new class for anyone that wants to attend. We call it ¨Que Quieren Aprender¨ which means ¨what do you want to learn?¨ Basically, we show up, allow anyone to ask Gospel-related questions, and then my companion and I study the answers, and answer them in the class time. Afterwards, we play soccer and just have fun. It´s a great activity and it´s helping me learn a LOT about what the Mission has taught ME in specifically.Also, we´re thinking about starting an English class for anyone that wants to come, and a class to teach the members how to prepare lessons and sacrament talks. Really, in this area, we will NOT have success in baptisms until the members are back on their feet and again progressing towards becoming a strong ward, instead of being a weak branch.Okay, no for the personal part. This email will be dedicated to Mom. So anyone that isn´t interested in hearing about how much I love and appreciate my can stop reading here.

hahaha Mom,I love you more than any other person in this world. (Sorry, Dad, Hope, and Whitney, but Mom´s got ya beat just by a tad ;P) You´ve done so MUCH for me in my life and I recognize the lessons you taught me throughout my youth by word and example. Here in my new area there is a woman that treats my companion and I like her own children. She takes care of us well and I know that she cares about us, but she also is hurting on the inside and hasn´t found the way to true happiness through the Gospel yet. She feels lost at times, alone, scared, and under appreciated. My companion and I both care for Sister Irma Perez very much, so we took the time after a meal to teach her and her family about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Mother, I would like to express to you that you taught me more about the Atonement than any teacher or companion ever has...because of the love and selfless service you have ALWAYS shown our family, and especially to ME. I KNOW how my Savior and Redeemer loves me, because I´ve experienced YOUR love, Mom.
You picked me up, cleaned my scrapes, and kissed me all better every time I fell down. You´ve fed me and cared for me every hour of every day of my life, only thinking of MY well-being, without regard to your own. You serve me without thought of receiving thanks (although you ALWAYS taught me to the grateful in everything I do) and by doing so, you have taught me what true service really is. I know WHY my Savior came to earth, why he suffered and died for me, why he was resurrected for ME...because of my Mother´s love. Paula Welling Tucker...I love you more than I could ever express and I want you to know that you Son is who is he is because his Father in Heaven loved him so much that he blessed him to be born to YOU. Without you in my life, Mom, I would be nothing. But WITH you in my life, Mom, I am EVERYTHING the Lord ever planned for me to be. YOU did that Mom, side-by-side with Dad, you two worked a miracle that I will forever be grateful for. So Mom, smile, laugh, and feel the Spirit testify of the truth of my words. KNOW that your worth is GREAT in the sight of God, and just as GREAT in the sight of your firstborn, loving Son. I love you, Mom. In the hard times, when you want to give up, remember that I love you. Say a prayer, thank your Father in Heaven for your blessings AND your trials, and allow the Spirit to pick you up and push you forward. I constantly look forward to the moment that I step off the plane and take you into my arms and whisper, ¨I love you Mom...I´m home.¨ Paula, your Son loves you and appreciates you, as does your family. Be grateful and prayerful, and never forget that you are a divine Daughter of God!

Love Always-
Elder Preston William Tucker

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