Monday, October 18, 2010

Enjoying the Mission!‏

Hey Family!

I`m glad that everyone thinks that this time in my mission should be my "golden age", using all the talents, lessons, and scriptures that I`ve learned thus far in the mission, because that`s exactly how I feel about this time in my mission too. I`m in a beautiful area with a wonderful companion around very kind people, although still blinded by apostasy and pride. haha I`m loving my mission and enjoying every day, even though it`s constantly in the back of my mind that I get closer to home with every passing day. I`m so glad that my family is still doing wonderfully with providing me with the news of the family, whether it be good or bad (even though I`m sure that you`ve been sugar-coating everything just a little bit for me whole mission, but that`s okay cuz I don`t mind the sweet outer layer haha). Yes, Dad, I`m well aware of the upcoming birthdays and holidays in the family and amd actually rather pleased by the fact that Mom and Grandma`s birthdays both fall on a P-Day for me. It should be a great email for them next week. I thank everyone for trying their very best to get along, even though we should all be able to realize that everyone stumbles and falls down every once in a while. The Gospel Plan in that we just keep getting back up, brushing ourselves off, and trying harder to do better the next day. That`s actually what my companion and I are trying our hardest to do right now for our branch.

Right now we realize full well that we will NOT be able to baptize in this branch until it has been strengthened, purified, and lifted up on the shoulders of the Strong One. We`re trying our best to find the members of the branch (no one has taken the time to take us around our big area and show us who lives where...that`s a stumbling block for right now) and then to gauge their situation spiritually and temporally. We need to know what`s going on in each family so that we can tailor our teaching to THEM and be able to lift them up on the wings of mercy. I feel like I can answer almost any Gospel related question that anyone ever asks me now, as long as it doesn`t involve Bible-bashing...I don`t do that...anymore. hahaha It`s a great feeling because the members here are all relatively new and have lots of questions and doubts. For example, yesterday we spent the entire afternoon reading the book of mormon out loud with members and answering the questions and doubt that the reading inspired. It was a great experience and I LOVE reading that book! Honestly, the Bible hold little value for me just because the Book of Mormon is so INCREDIBLE! haha I`m going to blow you all away with my BoM knowledge once I get home and involved in family scripture study! hahaha Be prepared. Well.l i don`t have any specifics to give you all about this week because the truth is that just about everything we did to gain investigators failed. But this week will be better, I promise.

I love you all and think about you often. You`re my favortie people on the planet, and the Lord knows how thankful I am for each and every one of my family members. I hope that once I get home, you all can either ask me questions that you have in your heart, resolve your doubts through my help and the Spirit, or allow me to teach you what I`ve learned by the Lord`s hand so we can lift our family up to it`s rightfu place among the Strong of the Church and the World. I have faith that our family could be GREAT in the eyes of all those that see and know of our righteous example. We just gotta work hard TOGETHER to get to that point and be humble enough to help all those that stand in need around us. I want to use what I`ve learned to HELP my family, never by force, but by love always. I hope that you all can be prepared and willing to accept or ask for that help once I`m back. Again, I love you all and I want you to know that I love you ALMOST as much as our Father does. Christ is our Savior, and will heal us if we come to Him humbly and ready to learn.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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