Monday, September 27, 2010

Change Week!‏

Hey Family!

Oh man, this week has been LONG! but that`s okay, cuz it`s over now. haha A lot of stuff happened that I can`t explain in an email and it was just really disorganized. I hate the last week of the always seems like everything slows down to almost a stop or everything falls apart in the zone.`s okay though, this week is change week and I think my situation is about to get a lot better...we`ll see.

We now receive changes on Tuesdays and we meet our new comps and areas on Wednesday. Next week I`ll be able to tell you all about what happened next Monday.

Oh man, I just gotta call and It sounds like I gotta get off the computer. This is NOT cool. I don`t get time to send you much at all...This is one of the reasons I don`t like being a zone leader on Mondays...I have to send ALL the data that EVERYONE asks for and I haven`t received very much, if ANY support from my companion. Oh well...

I`m sorry this email is so depressing...I promise I`m fine and I`m happy. My week went well and we have taught some very good investigators. Rosaura is progressing slowly, might get baptized on the 9th of October. We are now teaching a man named Josè and he is progressing rapidly, just like Benanrdo Poncio did in July. Also a new family came out as a reference and we might have a little success there too. I`ll let you know next week if I stay in my area or what happens. I`m so sorry for the lack of stories and basically lack of email, but I can`t do anything more this week. Forgive me please.

I love you all and am SO proud of you! You`re all doing wonderfully and staying strong in the Gospel. I love my Family eternally!!!

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. I`m excited that you`re going to be able to finish the Book of Mormon together by February. I`m just finishing it again in Spanish and then I`ll dedicate myself to English until I`m home. I`m starting Ether today. =)

P.P.S. Hope, AWESOME job with the soccer and swim. SOOOO excited to see you perform once I`m home.

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