Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last Week of the Change‏

Hey Family,

Okay, I had a LOT to do this week before I could start this email so I`m just letting you all know that it`s going to be short and sweet. I loved all the email that I got and the news that everyone is being challenged but is enduring those challenges well is very uplifting to me. It helps me feel like my missionary efforts are being felt at home. I know that lately everyone has been having very abrupt and life-shifting changes, but I want you to know that keeping in mind all the scriptoral promises that we have IF we Endure to the End will help any of us get through even the HARDEST changes in life.

This week I had a good start. On Tuesday I had my interview with President and I think I was in there with him for over an hour and a half! We talked about ALL the things that I had on my mind and heart. I unloaded on him and he unloaded on me. I learned much about the progress that I`ve made ever since I changed missions and the progress that I still have to be made. I learn how, spiritually, I can beat bad habits and how the Savior can help me with even the smallest things. I also spoke to President about my future in the mission and my future in home-life. I do not know where I will be going in the changes that will be made tomorrow OR with whom I may be placed, but I am pretty sure that I will be receiving a change.

This week my companion and I had a rather large misunderstanding and Elder Kahawaii ended up giving me a complete silent-treatment for 3 full days. He never told me what I had done wrong or if he was offended or angry. He literally spoke less than 10 words to me in a period of 72 hours. However, I do not want ANYONE to think badly of him because I`ve said this. We have now worked out our differences and are fine as friends and companions, but it was a long three days of learning for me. As missionaries without unity we were unable to achieve practically anything, which taught me that alone...when I`m supposed to depend on someone else, especially the Savior, I cannot accomplish anything. It also taught me the importance of communication and free expression of feelings and ideas. Also, as the silence continued, I learned to turn my Heavenly Father immediately in prayer and supplication. I prayed for strength, for understanding, and for love. I prayed for my companion as well, unselfishly. I also learned to turn immediately to self-reflection to figure out WHAT or IF I had done wrong. I learned much about myself this week, but all of those lessons just built upon the lessons I`ve already learned in the mission thus far. And I learned probably the most valuable lesson of my entire Xela mission so far. Mom, and Dad, this will mean more to you two than anyone else, but I have learned HOW I can complete one of the most important promises that I was given in my Patriarchal Blessing. I have learned how to be happy in all situations and how I can live with a joyful heart. My soul overflows with gratitude as I think about this invaluable lesson that came to my through the Spirit and through trial and prayer. Although this misunderstanding could ave ruined MANY things, including my companionship and friendship with Elder Kahawaii, I did not let it. The Lord and His Spirit helped us through it all and now we came out on top, with Satan crying and lamenting down below.

On a much higher note, I also was able to develop something that will help me for the rest of my LIFE when it comes to my Spiritual Progression. In my interview, President told me that he does not want me to wait to learn from HIM, but to learn from the Spirit and then just confirm with him the lessons that I learn. The Spirit taught me how to make better use of my scriptures as a missionary and revealed to me a system of how to mark my Scriptures that will bless my life and the life of my family and those I teach for Eternity. Unfortunately, you all will have to wait until I`m home to see what I`ve done, but I know that most of you will be able to see the true value of what I`ve discovered. I showed the system to President on Sunday, as he was there for our District Conference in the Zone, and he actually asked me to scan and send him a copy of my system, as he saw that it was useful and he hinted that he might want to institute my system in the entire mission very soon. =)

Okay, these were the largest events of my week. It was a big one! I have no idea what this week will hold for me, but I will let you all know next Monday. I love you. I`m proud of all of you. I wish you all luck and strength. Know where to find it, through Prayer. Use the tools Heavenly Father has given you. Trust in Him, and He will guide you to happiness. I testify of these things.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. I attached a couple of my photos from the last few months, but there will be many more on the way. I have not sent my memory card yet because I haven`t had the chance to pass by a post office in a very long time. I may have the opportunity soon, I don`t know. Enjoy!

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