Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Okay, so I lied...it was ALMOST all settled!‏

Hey Family and Beloved Friends!

This week, I`m sorry to report, has been ANOTHER week with changes in my mission. Last week, when I emailed, I thought I was finally able to say that my changes were settled and that I was finally in ONE place, with ONE companion, and that that would stay the same for a while...I was wrong. hahaha It just goes to show that the Will of the Lord changes rapidly and without warning sometimes. So here`s what happened THIS week:

Last Tuesday night, Elder Suazo and I were visiting and teaching one of our recent converts, Carlos Velasquez, who was baptized last Saturday, the 10th of July. When we were able to leave the appointment, at about 7PM, we received a call from the mission offices and Elder Suazo was told that he had emergency changes and that he needed to pack his bags and be ready to take them to the Mission Conference that we had planned for the next day, Wednesday. That, needless to say, ruined a few of our plans and we had to spend the night saying goodbye to the members and picking up dirty, half-washed laundry, and packing up Elder Suazo`s bags.
The next day, the entire mission congregated in Xela for the conference and we got there without any problems. The one thing that was bugging me was that I couldn`t figure out why the Lord would take another companion away from me just as I was starting to get to know him and I still didn`t know my new area very well AT ALL. I was worried that I wasn`t going to be able to live up to the responsibility of directing a zone that I hardly knew, in a Mission that is completely new to me as well. Another thing that was a little unsettling as well is that I didn`t know who was going to be my new companion. I didn`t find out until AFTER the conference. I was just stressing a little too much...that`s all. I think you all can understand. haha Four areas, 6 companions, all in 5 weeks. Sigh...who knows WHEN I`ll be settled in for a while without anymore changes. But it`s okay, I`m finally feeling confident in what I`m doing as a Zone Leader, as a companion, and as a missionary in the Guatemala Xela Mission.
My new companion is Elder Kahawaii. He is 22 years old, from the island of Oahu in Hawaii, and is of Samoan heritage. He plays the guitar, thinks deep, and takes control of situations so that we can all be efficient and have fun at the same time. He`s a high-flying Eagle and he`s helping me to fly high by his side. I have a TON to learn from him, but I have faith that I will be able to learn exactly what the Lord wants me to learn from Elder Kahawaii before he separates us and sends me on yet another crazy adventure.

Last night, I had the opportunity to call my parents (with my Mission President`s authorization) and talk to them all about the changes that I`ve been going through. I finally feel like everyone is content and informed in my immediate family about what`s going on in my mission. Now, my next responsibility with regards to my family will be to write a really good letter by hand and send my next 300 new mission pictures home for everyone to enjoy. =) This area is beautiful, mountainous, and has a comfortable climate for me. I enjoy my days here and I have the privilege to go to bed tired every night. =P Coming up in the next couple of weeks is a MASSIVE festival here in Momostenango. The indigenous people of the city say that is should last about 15 days. We`ll see if we can get ANY effective work done, or if the party will just make everything impossible. I`m just really hoping that President Lorenzana doesn`t tell us to stay inside the house the whole time so that we`re not in any danger. I`m not going to lie, I would love to enjoy the extra time to study to Scriptures and become a better teacher of the Gospel, but being inside ALL DAY LONG is not my idea of a fun time here in the Mission.

Now I`ve gotta get offline, but know that I love you all and I`m putting ALL my effort into being obedient, efficient, and powerful as a tool in our Master`s skilled hands. Again, I ask you all to study, ponder, and pray this week to increase your spirituality and come closer unto Christ. I love my Family, and my greatest desire would be to see all of us together, united, in the True and Eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker


  1. i fond your blog online. Your son is getting transferred to a new mission and an AWESOME mission. He will love everything about the Xela Mission. Congrats