Monday, July 26, 2010

I love my Family more than Ever!‏

Hey Family!

Oh my much and so little has happened this week that I`m not sure if this email is going to be long, or short, or even sufficient to express myself. So patient and just love what I have to say. =P

First of all, my opportunity to talk to my family again for a couple hours was my FAVORITE part of this week. I got to talk to my parents, figure a couple important hings out, and just feel the comforting spirit of PW, Paula, and Hope Tucker just sink into my heart once again. Not going to lie, I`m pretty excited to see my family once again. I know that I have MUCH to do before I`m done here in Guatemala, but I also know that the Lord is helping me to not feel the time as it passes by. You all were right, it feels like July was less than a week long and that my homecoming rapidly approaches. I want you all to know that I`m going to do my very best for you all, myself, and my God to finish my mission with Pride, Honor, and Love.

Our zone experienced a few emergency changes this week. Don`t freak out anyone...this time the changes didn`t touch me. They shut down an area in my zone that is literally IN THE MIDDLE of NOWHERE. The Elders were sent to the new zone of Momostenango North. One of them will be a Zone Leader, and the other will finish his mission with a very young companion. One other elder will be leaving our zone, but we are all content with the future of the Lord`s Work in our zone. This month, we broke the record of monthly baptisms in the zone. In July we have baptized and confirmed 19 people and the previous record was only 11 in one month. I`m very excited to see what we can do with August and how much success I personally will receive from the Hnad of my Lord.

Elder Kahawaii and I are doing good together. Some days we don`t talk much, but I learn from his example a lot and he teaches me when I ask for his instruction. He has been a Zone Leader for a long time and has wonderful ideas that he shares and I modify. We want to make a weekly schedule of activities for our ward so that the members have at least one activity to attend every day, at least one for each Church Organization. (for example, Wednesday for young men, Thursday for relief society,etc.)

I`m SOOO happy to hear ALL about the weekend that my Family and Whitney`s family were able to spend together. Everyone felt a constant flow of Love, Comfort, and Spirit and I know that my Family is on it`s way to Eternal Exaltation. Mom and Dad, I`m so proud of you for being yourselves and for making an AWESOME first impression. Tracie and Whitney, I`m so glad that you two could feel at home in MY home and that you thoroughly enjoyed you restful weekend. It was awesome for me to hear that you all worked and played hard. That`s what my family does best and that way of life helps me every day here in the mission. I am constantly learning more, even though some days I learn more than others. More than anything the Lord is helping me to refine myself. I am finally allowing myself, as President Lorenzana puts it, to pass through the furnace of affiliction and the refiner`s fire. I now know that I will leave this mission having become the man that Heavenly Father made me to be. I may not reach my baptism goals, but I know that I will have no regrets and my past will be behind me and my Future before me.

Thank you, Family for being so wonderful. I know that I was chosen and blessed by my Father to be born to THIS family in THIS time and to serve THIS mission. I am Eternally grateful for the blessings I receive daily and for the strength I receive from His hand EVERY time that I kneel to ask in Humility and Love. I have a testimony of the Atonement of Christ and I am learning to use the power of that Atonement in my daily life. I still have MUCH to do, as my Patriarchal Blessing states, but I know that I`ll be able to do everything and Anything with the help of MY God. =) I am happy, full of Light and Joy...finally. =D

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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