Sunday, March 7, 2010

Email - Received Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hey Family! (especially Mom and Dad and Hope)

Haha! At least now I know that my family understands the meaning of ¨true repentance¨! Puchica! (that`s a Guatemalan word that means ¨wow¨ and other exclamations) I was very happy...grinning from ear to ear actually...just now to read and reread the emails that I got this week. You guys are pretty cool...and when you forget to do something, you make up for it in Spades! =) I felt extremely supported and loved to hear the news and come to know that I`m missed by family and friends alike throughout all the circles of society I`ve been a part of. Music, school, dating, family, sports...I loved being a part of it all, and right now it`s paying off big time. I miss my old ward, and the way things used to be, but I know that the Lord has blessed my family infinitely and that I will have SO many more opportunities in my near future to enjoy life and give love and support to all those that love and support me. I want you all to know that you have been on my mind alot lately, especially this week, and I have said many prayers in my heart for your sakes. Dad, I absolutely LOVE to hear about how your job, your success, and your love for the Gospel and our Family is progressing. I think that your news was my favorite this week for many very important reasons. Mom, I LOVE hearing the updates from you. I think you`d be an excellent news anchor if you had to be. You give it to me straight, with love, and you don't leave much to the imagination. All very important things for me, as you already know. Hope...your talk made me laugh, smile, and cry. I miss you so much...I can`t describe it, but I CAN say that I love you. You`re the best little sister a missionary could ask for. And just do me a favor, and don't freak out when Mom accidently splashs water on my letters to you. There are many more to come. I think you and I will always be very close and I will always support you and give you help and counsel whenever you need me.

Alright, so the gospel lesson that I`m learning recently is PATIENCE! Training is tough, in all the ways that I never thought of before I recieved this assignment. I love it, it`s so fun, but it`s very frustrating and hard at times. Usually all the best things in life are the ones that start out hard, but end up having the highest value. Elder Garcia will be a wonderful missionary, and he IS learning, but I think he`s having trouble with growing up. He doesn`t want to leave his behaviors behind and has a hard time learning life lessons. He did not have a great relationship with his family before the mission, so I`m guessing that lack of a support system contributes a lot to my responsibilities now, but I`m grateful for the opportunity and I love Elder Garcia with my whole heart. Dad, your counsel helps me immensely, that which you gave me before the mission and that which you`re giving me now. haha I actually DO feel like a dad when I`m teaching Elder Garcia. I have to teach him mission lessons, as well as life lessons, and I feel like its preparing me for when I myself have my own family...weird, but I like it a lot. =) Things in our area are...progressing, but slowly. Pray for us, I know you always do, but we need it always. I dont have a lot of time left, but I wanted to say thank you, like always. I showed my thanks in different ways too this week. Dad, you have a personal letter coming to you, in response to the first one you wrote a couple months ago. Sorry it took so long. The Family in general too will receive a letter that can be shared with all, and taped to it are not one but TWO microSD cards with pictures inside. Sorry I waited another 6 months to send them, but they have over 300 pictures all together, so I hope you`ll enjoy! =)

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. Thanks for the news about Meg and Josh, that made me happy to know that they are happy and doing very well. Give Meg and Brandon my congratulations and let them know that it filled my heart to the brim to hear that they will be ¨Happily Ever After¨ soon. I love that woman, she changed my life, and now she too will enjoy the blessings of the Temple with the man that she`ll love forever. That brings me peace and lots of very deep joy. =D And as for Josh, I`m working on writing him a letter and will get that sent soon as well. It made me DANG happy to hear about his responsibilities and mine reflecting each other over the miles. I know he`ll do an awesome job! I miss that man... =)

P.P.S. Mom, for the package, I need you to start looking for a voice recorder, the kind that records on little cassettes that a missionary can easily send through the mail. Elder Ostler did that with his girlfriend, and it was an incredible blessing for him. I want to start recording for my family, and there`s another special someone that I want to send my voice too as well. =P I`ll tell you more about her another day. ;P So I need the voice recorder, blank tapes, AND it would be really cool if you sent me a digital card reader for USB ports. I`ve seen them and their awesome. You put in your SD memory card, and then plug the USB end into the computer, then it reads it like a normal USB flash drive. Then I`ll be able to send pictures with emails and also store my pictures more easily too. I`m sure you all would enjoy that, and I dont have the USB cord for my camera, so this is the solution. Also...for Hope, but also for the whole family, I found a pirated copy of Harry Potter 6, the new one, and it`s completely movie theater quality. I bought it and want to send it, but I first would like to know if you`re okay with that. Hope, I know when you read this you`ll be saying ¨YES YES YES!¨, but I need Mom and Dad`s permission first, okay? Alright, so let me now.

P.P.P.S. I ordered my suit, got my measurements taken, and will probably have my brand new, cashmire wool, super awesome suit with two pairs of pants to match...soon. In like two or three weeks I`ll get it. =) It`s going to be one of a kind and even the Tailor is excited to see it finished. =) I`ll be paying him soon, and thank you for sending money for m e to do this. It`ll be money WELL spent. =D

Love you!

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