Monday, January 17, 2011

Good Emails = Happy Missionary!‏

Hey Family!

I love you all to the Moon and back 17,000 times! =) Oh man, this week has been extremely full of a LOT of events for all of us, and I can imagine that we`re all ready for a calm week to settle back into our grooves and get ready for coming events (a.k.a My Homecoming! ;P)! Personally, I have been changed out of my area in Momostenango, had a wonderful interview with President Lorenzana, I`ve been put with a pair of Zone Leaders and their (now, here in Xela Mission, most of the ZL`s have younger companions as well as work with the other ZL on zone business) since last Thursday, I`ve enjoyed being obedient to the mission rules and the Gospel Commandments, and this week I think I`ll receive a new companion and a new area to finish my mission. Crazy huh? Well, it`s all due to some very strange and very sudden events that have happened in the Xela Mission as a whole, and my mission individually. I`ll tell you all about the reasons for "why?" once I`m home, so don`t worry about it right now. Just know that I`m clean, I`m happy, and I`m enjoying the blessings of obedience to the Lord`s will. Oh, I`m also having a great time in my Scripture study and have been learning a lot of about Church doctrine lately. I think besides reading all my favorite books once I`m home, I`ll want to start a section of my hardback collection with Church books. Ya know, Doctrine of Salvation, Mormon Doctrine, books on the Atonement, and modern studies of the Standard Works. I`m getting really interested in getting to know as much as I possibly can about the Church and the True Gospel Doctrine. Just a hp, I guess, that as soon as I get home, I`ll start studying to be able to blow you all out of the water with DEEP doctrine. hahaha Just kidding, that`s not my purpose. I know you all think I`m weird for thinking this, but I think it`s just plain fun to learn it all. =) Yes, Mom, my BS file is about to get a LOT bigger. ;)

Well, this week I`ve had the opportunity to be around many different types of missionaries. I`ve been around disobedient missionaries, obedient missionaries, old missionaries (with regards to time in the mission field), and very young missionaries. I`ve even met a couple missionaries from Tremonton! =) Oh man, it`s been a fun week for me. As I haven`t really been in an area that I can call "mine" I don`t have much news about investigators or the work, but I have a lot to say about what the mission means to me.

My best moments this week have been spent with an Elder from Idaho by the name of Eric Larson. He is finishing his mission this change too and we have had a lot of fun talking about all the wonderful things that we miss about home, all of which we will be able to enjoy in about 17 days time. On the other hand, we have also spent a lot of time talking about the good times in the mission that we have grown and learned from, all those wonderful Gospel principles that we`ve studied and tried to apply in our lives and the lives of others. Elder Larson has not baptized very much in his two years, just like me, but both of us have had WONDERFUL experiences getting to know and love and serve the Guatemalan people, getting to know our own selves, and getting to know the Lord Jesus Christ. It`s been wonderful for me to think back on all of the beautiful experiences of my last two years of life, and thank Heavenly Father for everything that we have ALL learned as a result. I am happy to be coming home, but I am also happy and grateful for the time I was given here. It was all truly a gift, from my Father to Me. I can only hope that all those lessons that I`ve learned and taught in the last two years will stick with me and that I will continue to serve Him throughout the time I have on this Earth. Also, I`ve reviewed my actions over the last two years and I`ve compared them with the news that you all pass me each week through email, and I noticed a district correlation between when I was being sensitive to the Spirit of the Lord and when I was heeding to the wrong spirit as well. This week is a perfect example of that correlation. Last week it seemed like everything was falling apart...and to be honest it was because I wasn`t obeying the voice and will of the Lord at that time. THIS week, however, according to the wonderful, uplifting emails that Dad and Whitney sent, according to my obedience to the Lord`s will...I and my family were immediately blessed. Yes, Dad is still looking for a better job situation. Yes, Mom may be a little stressed with school and preparing for the new semester. Yes, Whitney is still getting teased and picked on because of the infinite and UNDYING love that we share for each other. ;P But, everything just seems to get better as I choose to be obedient (and as we ALL choose to be obedient TOGETHER) and follow the Lord`s plan rather than my own. I guess what I`m saying is that I`m beginning to really taste and notice that all blessing truly ARE predicated on our obedience to the will of the Father and His Gospel Plan.

Family, I love you. I can`t wait to see you all again. It`ll be an incredible day for me and I`m sure that I`ll never forget it. I want to thank you all for all the support, love, and prayers that you`ve given me over these last two years. I can`t describe to you how good I feel when I think of my family and how blessed I was to be chosen to come to you. I hope, once I`m home, that you all will allow me to love, and serve, and maybe even teach you as I have these Guatemalan people. Because that is now my life...and I dont really want that to change. I will listen and understand you. I will counsel and serve you. And I will love you...until the end of Forever! ;)

-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. The Elder that I met from Tremonton, his name is Elder Seederholm and he graduated with Katie Howard. On Friday, him and I spent about a hour talking about how much we love Tremonton, Fielding, and Garland and all the awesome, epic memories we have there. While we talked, I was reminded of several things that I want to eat and enjoy once I`m home. One thing that I want to ask Grandma Welling to make is her homemade bread with butter and raspberry and strawberry jam. Another thing, a junk food item that I want on Saturday with the potsticker dinner, is Pizza Plus breadsticks! =) Just two suggestions that, when we thought about them, made me crave them super bad. Let Grandma know, please? Also, Mom and Dad...very soon after I get home, we all need to go to the Pie Dump and get some hotrolls!!! Then I got to take some pictures with them and send them to Elder Seederholm. Okay? Okay! =) haha I love you and I hope you`re all game for those three suggestions, cuz I want em! =)

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