Monday, May 17, 2010

Email - Received Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Family!
...and all my wonderful friends that follow my blog so religiously and razz my Dad about posting my emails!
hahaha! It blows me away that my parents keep telling me about how bad they get whomped on by everyone when my weekly email doesn`t get posted. It`s hilarious because when we started the blog...I had no idea that it was going to be popular between anyone besides my immediate family. But, I guess I have a following now! haha My own little Elder Preston Tucker fan club...don`t worry...I`m not getting a big head about it or`s just cool to me that I`m so loved! Thank you! =)

I would have loved to call some of you last Monday as well as my family, it would be great to hear your voices and learn the news in your lives and families, but fortunately, my call to my family was extremely satisfactory and I went to bed that night a VERY content missionary! haha I was probably the Happiest 20 year old man in the whole world after my phone call that night! I love my family! Dad, I want to thank you for appreciating for deeply and explaining for completely the happiness that my family experienced through our call. Sharing your feelings and your pride in me was probably the best thing you could`ve done this week to lift my spirits, give me the desire to move forward, and to serve with my heart, might, mind, and strength. This week will be great, our whole district is focused on finding new ways to use the coastal culture to our advantage and find a whole bunch of new investigators. The coast is completely different from the city, and I would love to explain exactly how it is different, but that will take a lot of time. I`ll give it to your little by little in the emails, but I`m experiencing it first-hand, so it`s a little bit easier for me to "get it" than it is for you all by just reading. First of all, (and this came from the workshop Elder Avilez, one of the elders in my district, gave today in our district meeting) in the coast, everyone has belonged to a church before or at least has grown up christian. Everyone has their own opinion, although not everyone likes to express it out loud. There are people that will just talk your ear off and not let you talk, just so they don`t have to listen to you and allow you to finish your contact. There are people who are just into living their own lives and that will not want to listen at all because of their supposed "to do list." And then, there are those people that just don`t want to say anything...and then we just sit there, awkwardly waiting for them to say something in response to our questions. And then, there are the "escogidos," the people chosen and prepared by Heavenly Father to receive us with humble hearts and true intent. We`re going to find those people, it`ll be great.

So that`s the coast. I learned a lot this week, and I will continue learning, but I`m liking every day and continuing to grow. My companion and I are really good friends and we always get along. My district and I respect each other and we all get along. In our Zone, there are a ton of different personality types and educational levels, so it`s hard to get everyone united, but we all understand our purpose as missionaries and I believe we`re all doing our best to DO our best. Tomorrow, supposedly, we`re going to beach as a Zone. I`ll take my camera and everything, but I`m not sure what a bunch of missionaries will be able to do at the beach...we can`t that`s gunna suck, but it should be fun. Maybe we`ll play volleyball...that might be fun! The only bad part though is that for my companion and I it`s going to cost an ARM and a LEG in transport costs...our area is the furthest away from the Zone Leaders area and it`s going to cost even more to get the beach from Santa Lucia. Grrr...I guess I`ll just fast for a couple days instead of spend money on food. haha Basically I`ll starve. hahaha Just kidding Mom, and Grandma, and Whitney...don`t freak out! haha I was kidding...I`m not gunna starve. I`ll be fine. I`m happy and I`m healthy. I have no idea if I`m still losing more weight or not. We`ll have to see soon. But...I`m not gunna lie, as the body fat melts the mirror, I`m looking better and better. Tomorrow I`m actually going to start an exercise program so that I`m not just doing pushups, but so I can be working out everything I know how to. I`m just afraid that I`ll do it wrong and I`ll end up with problems...I guess I`ll just take it really slow...I`ve got time. =)

Okay, I`m so excited about all the awesome stuff that is going on at home. You guys all say that nothing special is going on, but to me, it`s all awesome. Mom is almost done with school, go go go! You`re almost done, then you get to enjoy the summer! haha So excited for you. Dad is still working like a dog, and that`s good for him. Just keep your immune system up please, and take a little time to watch out for your health as well. I love you. Hope, is just being amazing, keep up the good work. I`m excited as well as I realize that things in my extended family are more or less happy as well. I haven`t gotten a whole lot of news or letters from anyone, but what I do get, I cherish.

To finish up, I`ll tell you about the biggest success of this last week. (Sorry I didn`t answer all your questions Dad, I`ll print out this email and send a letter home about my "management abilities." ) This week, instead of attending Sunday School or teaching Gospel Principles class, my companion and started teaching the missionary lessons during Church members! =) They gave us a small classroom, and said good luck. 8 members showed up, participated well, and learned a LOT! It was awesome. Our goal is to "RE-convert" the members, get their fire back from when they got baptized. It`ll be a success and I think we`ll need a bigger classroom! =P Next week, we`ll have investigators in the class as`ll be great.

Alright, time`s up. I`ll write a handwritten letter to my family this week, so I can answer your questions. I love you all. Stay strong, have fun as summer begins, and know that Elder Tucker loves you!

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

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