Friday, April 30, 2010

Email - Received Monday, April 26, 2010

Hey Family!

It was fun today to just get a couple of short sweet emails from Mom and Dad, and then a long one from Whitney! It was a good day for email. I`m not saying that I just want short and sweet from home and then long and informative from Whitney and friends...I`m not saying that at all. I just really liked the fact that even though my parents were short on time and news this week, they still make the effort to email me and, as Dad put it, ¨not let me down.¨ It means a lot to me now, and it will mean even more in the future months, that my family does not get casual about writing me and sending me news. I`ve seen it happen with a lot of missionaries that are about to go home, that their families get bored or just think ¨he/she is almost home, so it doesn`t matter that much anymore¨ and then stop writing or stop giving them good news. These missionaries, unfortunately, get really sad, disheartened, and anxious to be home when this happens. I don`t want that to happen in the Tucker family! Until I send my own sons and daughters on their missions...our family probably wont have another make it count now so we don't regret it later, okay?! haha I know that my family wont let me down, I know that you`re the best family in the world for me. I love you deeply and I have you in my thoughts constantly.

Talking about having you in my thoughts constantly...HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY HOPE TUCKER!!!! I love you Sis...I miss you a ton, and I know that I`m still not home, but I wanted you to know that I`m thinking about you and wishing you a VERY happy birthday. Enjoy this next year, because once I get`ll have to deal with your big brother again and also have to share Mom and Dad`s attention! Eww, huh? ;P Oh...and you might be sharing Mom and Dad`s attention between THREE people when I get, Me, AND Whitney! hehe I`m guessing that you already know about Whitney, Hope, but I wrote you a letter last week and told you a little about her at the end. Maybe, by the time you guys get this email, you`ll have already gotten the letter...I don`t know. But Hope, Whitney is way interested in you and wishes you a very happy birthday too! She is always telling me how much she wants to get to know you and then go swimming to show you that she`s got some ¨fish skills¨ in the water as well. haha I know that you two will be best friends soon, so I wont say much more, but you, my Awesome Swimmer Sister, already have a growing fan section and we all love you deeply. Whenever I see a little girl here in Guatemala, she reminds me of you. Especially if she`s loud and obnoxious! ;P Just kidding. =P I love you so much. Have a good birthday tomorrow, and be obedient to Mom and Dad. I`m so happy that you`re doing so good in school and I wish you luck in your last weeks as well. Soon you`ll be a Sixth Grader! The big fish! Just be sure that you stay obedient to our parents, your teachers, and be nice to EVERYONE...not just your friends. You`re an awesome sister, i love you.

Okay, not much news from the mission this week, other than the fact that just about all of us had plain, old, bad luck! Our numbers didn`t drop badly...but our commitment to meeting our new district goals didn`t give much fruit. Oh well...we`ll do better this week. Today, during our regular District Counsel meeting, I had everyone kneel down, say a group prayer, and then leave the chapel for 20 minutes to go contacting in different parts of Sister Mascareño`s and Sister Campos` area to get them some appointments and references. It was actually a really effective teaching experience and we were able to help those sisters out a lot to start their week. This whole change they have had a BAD challenge with finding new investigators (their area is TINY), so we needed to do something different in order to get things going again. On Wednesday we will be doing an ¨area attack¨ as well down there to help them out. We`re hoping to pump life into all of our areas before some of us have to leave...we`ll see what happens. I actually have no feelings about what`s going to happen to me this change...however, if I stay in my area...I might not be very happy. I need to get out of there! and I really want to learn a dialect. We`ll see...sigh... =P I might train again though...supposedly there is a group of 23 new Latin missionaries coming in this change. haha Maybe President is going to make me a Trainer again...that might be fun...I`ll make the best of any situation the Lord throws at me. I have to, otherwise...these next few months aren`t going to be very fun. I`m already having a little trouble not feeling the weight of the rest of my mission on my shoulders...I need idea from RM`s in the family of how I can keep going strong in these next 11 months. Please, answer my call for help?! haha

Dad, this week I would love you to tell me all about the possibility that I might have of a spot working on your team next summer. I`m gunna need cash, and before I get home, I want to know what I would be getting myself into. Seriously, I`m not baggy by asking this, I just think it would be cool to know and think about every once in a while when I daydream about my future after we get home at night. Hours per week, hourly pay, opportunities for working in the same job when I go back to Phoenix, I wanna know all about what it would be like. Also...I want to know your thoughts on me not trying to buy a car right away...instead, buying a bike after you teach me how to ride. Tell me about what comes to your mind when you think about that.
Mom, I wanna know how your ¨end of year¨ crunch is going and all about what you`re dealing with at school. It`s very possible that when I get home, I`m going to want to spend a lot of time with you to help you finish your school year with as little stress as possible! I want to be involved and maybe even be a part of your classes. I definitely DO NOT want to be that RM that sits around the house all day, waiting for his family to get home so that he`s not bored and lonely anymore. haha could you do that for me this week? Also...remember the assignment I gave you in the Christmas phone call? The one about finding and buying all the formal pictures of the Temples and putting them together in a picture book? I have been wondering how you`ve been doing on that and if it`s even possible for you to do. Let me know! and I`m totally stoked that you`re sending me your ¨bullet¨...I really need is very important to my relaxing time. =P Also...I finally ran out of Orbit gum! Send me lots of Wintermint and Cinnamint, please?! I love you!

Alright...right before I came to write this email, we took a bunch of pictures of our house here in Santa Elena Barillas, and I`ve attached them to this email. I hope they all get through to you. Enjoy! I love you all

This next week, I will probably be writing on Wednesday again, because of changes. I`m sorry...but that`s just the way it is. Send me lots of love and keep my spirits high. =) I know you`re all awesome and you love me and I really appreciate every time you tell me so.

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. Okay, I`ve been waiting for about 20 minutes, trying to send this email with the attached pictures...but it`s too big to I`m just going to send them another day. I love you all!

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