Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Email - Received Monday, October 12, 2009


Another good week here in La Sonora has past and we`re doing alright, working hard for the Lord. I`m so happy that I get good news from my Family each week! Yes, I know, Mom is an optimist and she`s probably only going to send me the good stuff...but I still really appreciate it. =) Sounds like everyone is doing their part to contribute to the Spirit having place in our home. This is something I have been studying this week...how to recognize, invite, and use the Spirit`s power. I agree with what Mom has said, it really is all the little habits that, put together, contribute the most to having the Spirit to be with us. It`s part of our baptismal convenants to always have His Spirit to be with us, so we need to live worthy of His presence. Heavenly Father does not dwell in unholy temples because He is a perfect, glorified God. Neither will the Holy Ghost dwell in unholy temples because He too, is a perfect, glorified God...He just hasn`t received His body yet. =) I`ve learned a ton here in the mission, and if the only treasure I would take home with me was the knowledge I gain here, it would be well worth the effort. I continue to gain a hunger for the knowledge of the Gospel, the mysteries of the Kingdom of God. I feel like I will only ever be able to commit the time I`d like to to this study AFTER my mission, when I have entire days to devote to study, but I truly do appreciate the time I am given here. My challenge to my family this week is to really FEAST on the words of Christ. Hunger for time to read the Scriptures, because they are the fountain of eternal knowledge that we`ve graciously been given in these Latter Days to prepare ourselves for the Second Coming. I want to be ready when it happens, so as a sidenote, that means I want my family to be ready for it too. ;P

Alright, I dont have a lot of news to give about our work this week because it`s been a lot of the same. We`re just fighting, teaching, and working to prepare these investigators for the 24th of October. That`s going to be an awesome day and I`ll be sure to take a lot of pictures. All the missionaries in my zone are preparing their investigators to gather in OUR chapel on the 24th and have a massive baptismal service, all together as a family of members, missionaries, and newly found lambs for the fold of Christ. So far my District, all on its own, has 11 people ready and willing to be baptized on this date. We were hoping for about 20 as a zone, but I think we`ll see even more! =) This might be one of the great highlights of my mission, so far and yet to come. I`ll be sure to let you know how the preparations are coming. The one thing I would like to ask is that you all turn your prayers to the Familia Velasquez. We haven`t had a set, successful appointment with them for almost two weeks and I`m getting a little worried. I want them to progress, and I know that Heavenly Father wants that too. Pray that Elder Child and I will have the opportunity to teach them this week and that they will receive the answers to their questions and prayers. I know that your efforts have helped me so much before, that`s why I put my faith in you now. =)

Alright, Mom, this is a little unfair of you to do right now, but I understand your personality, so I`m gunna let it slide this time. =P I`m talking about you requesting a Christmas List, from your missionary, THREE months early! =P hahaha Not cool, I`m trying not to think about spending my Christmas away from my Family for the first time. I think, though, that the only nessecities that I can think of right now would be a couple new white shirts, size 18 please (yes, I like the comfort factor), and maybe a few new sets of garments in my respective sizes. =) Oh, and more pictures! haha I dont know if you have received my letter and memory cards yet, but I completed my end of the ¨bargain¨, now it`s your turn. =) Send as many as you can! And if you`d like to send them on the card, there are plenty of places here that I can print them off on real photo paper. By the way, I loved the family photo that you all took at the Family Reunion. =P It was awesome! Also, I`m out of candy...haha Again, I made it last, but I`m getting cravings for more, now that I`ve been out for about a month. =P For right now, that`s all the nessecities. If you would like to make cool, little treats or toys/gifts for the kids here in Guatemala, go for it! I know they would love it! They treat pretty much everything they get from the missionaries like gold. =D

Alright, well I`m out of time for this week. I love you all and will be writing more letters by hand, hoping that I`ll be able to get some to the extended family and friends too now. Hope, I`m so proud to hear about your experience in Park City. I knew you would do awesome and get really excited to have an up-close experience with real Olympians. My promise is still good, I`ll take you to the Olympics in 2016, ESPECIALLY if you qualify to compete in them! =D That would be awesome...to have an Olympian sister. =P Alright, really out of time now. I love you, miss you, and think about you all the time.

Love Always,

-Elder Preston William Tucker

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