Monday, July 27, 2009

Email - Received Monday, July 27, 2009

Hey Mom and Dad! (and all my beloved Friends and Family) =P

I want to start this email off with saying a huge and eternal Thank You to all of you, especially you two Mom and Dad. I´m sorry I didn´t send a general email for the Blog last week, but a few things happened that prevented me from doing so last week. Mom, Dad, and Hope, your emails and love have reinforced and built me up this week at a time when I needed them more than ever. I can really tell that all of you are in tune with the Spirit and are doing your very best to help me in this work. Mom and Dad, as always, your advise and counsel was invaluable and I will never forget what you did for me this week. Yes Mom, I loved your analogy and I am trying my best to apply it to my mission every day now. I´m SO proud of you that I´m not able to express it, even if it WERE possible to express with words, I wouldn´t be able to do it. You´re doing everything to the limit and you´re changing your entire life because of your determination. You´re right, if I were there I wouldn´t let you stop, I would cheer you on loudly every single hour of every single day. You´re doing it Mom, you´re making the change and you´re doing it in all the right ways. Your son is SO proud of his AWESOME Mom! And Dad, I dontknow if you remember when I used to look up (now down ;P) into your eyes and say ¨Hey Dad? I´m so glad that you´re my Dad!¨ but...I want to say it again. I´m so glad that you´re my Dad, that you have such high expectations for me, and that you´re helping me to realize my true potential. I´m not the best missionary the world has ever seen, but I´m doing the work and I´m getting better at it every day. I have the determination, the motivation, and the drive to complete my portion of this work and I´m going to do it. You´re a part of it, and together we´ll make Heavenly Father proud. Thank you. I love you. End of Story. =D

Okay, so I have a few things I need to tell every one, but the first one is for Mom. Mom, I hope you haven´t sent that care package yet, cuz I need a couple more things. The main thing is a HUGE bottle of some REALLY good multi-vitamins. I´m getting fed, but I dont think my body is getting all the nutrients it needs. So please send that, and maybe a cheap wrist watch. I love the pocket watch Jason got me and I carry it all the time, but I need a cheap watch so I can stop annoying my companion with asking ¨Que hora es, compa?¨ lol Yeah yeah, I know, you told me so. =P Besides that I think that´s the end of the list. I do have a bit of bad news though. We found out today that the Guatemala City Central Mission doesn´t get pouch service anymore... Before you ask questions, know that I dont know why, how, and when this happened. I just know that we can still receive international mail sent through USPS, which is more reliable anyways. I knowyou said in your last letters that you were going to start writing more letters by hand, and I´m way stoked for that, but make sure you send them by international post now. Sorry...that´s all I know. =/

Now, I´m going to use the rest of my time to tell you about how the work is going in my area. In my district we just had 9 baptisms in the last two weeks, none of them were mine, but that´s still awesome. Unfortunately, the work has really slowed down in Promision. I dont know what happened, but suddenly we have barely any new people to teach and our efforst at finding people to teach have not yeilded much success. No worries though, we´re planning an activity with the Elder´s Quorum and our District this week to help us find more investigators. We still teach plenty of lessons to members and recent converts, but we haven´t had new investigators in a while. We did teach one to two separate men this week that might be interested in continuing to learn, but we´re not sure about them yet. There are a ton of churches down here and most of them are Evangelical. This makes the work difficult because everyone tells us that they´re already christians and that their pastors tell them that the Mormons have nothing good to share with them. Also, it´s difficult to give service to non-members because everyone says in the moment we ask them that they´re fine and they dont need our help. I made a joke, in good humor, in the home of Familia Morales (our best investigator) that it´s all because I´m ¨canche¨, which basically just means a ¨white boy¨. They all laughed their guts out and said that I´m probably right. Haha I dont know...we´re going to keep trying every day and we dont let ourselves get discouraged because there are always a ton more people to invite to listen. I never realzied it before this week, but my area is actually really big. There are a lot of people in San Jose, Villa Nueva, and I´m thinking there HAS to be a family here that´s waiting for us. I know we´ll find them. Just keep doing what you all are doin, prayin and hopin, and we´ll do just fine. I know I may not be ¨harvesting¨ much these days, but I know that I´m definitely a ¨sembrador¨, which means a planter. I´ve heard that those are the two type of missionaries, the planters and the harvesters. I dont care which one I am, I just care that I dont give up and I keep trying until I´m doing my very best. When I get there, I wont stop, but instead put myself on cruise control when I´ve finally hit top speed. I keep learning every day. I keep praying and doing what the Spirit directs me to do. I know the value of this mission now and I´m going to do everything I can until I literally have to crawl home like Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said we should. I love you all. I want you all to be able to experience this mission with me, so ¨get ready, it´s gunna be a wild ride!!!¨ =D Thank you for every thing you´ve done, everything you´re doing, and everything you will do to help the Lord advance His work. It helps helps me...and most importantly it´s helping your brothers and sisters here in Guatemala. Keep it comin and remember that Preston loves you!

Love Always,
-Elder Preston William Tucker

P.S. I sent an email to Hope too. You can post it on the blog if you´d like. =D Until next week!

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